2011 will see the release of a revised, re-written and reorganised Advanced Fighting Fantasy.  One of the most recognisable names in gaming returns for new audiences and old fans alike.  Featuring the best of the original system along with new rules and ideas, AFF will be perfect for new and experienced gamers. 

In addition to the core rulebook, we will also be reprinting Out of the Pit and Titan, the guides to the creatures and world of Fighting Fantasy, to be followed by more, brand new, books to make Titan really come alive.. 

Available from all good games shops as well as a whole army of online retailers, Advanced Fighting Fantasy will be back!

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16th February
The latest issue of Fighting Fantazine features an in-depth interview with Graham Bottley about the goals and intentions of the AFF 2e project
You can download Issue 5 for free from HERE

22nd January
The books are now available for Pre-Order HERE

And the new preliminary covers are also above!

8th January 2011
An initial Chapter listing:

    i        Introduction
    ii       Fighting Fantasy the Roleplaying Game
    1       Hero Creation
    2       The Game Rules
    3       Combat
    4       Magic: Wizardry, Sorcery and Cantrips
    5       The Gods of Titan and their Priests
    6       The world of Titan
    7       The Director
    8       Monsters and Creatures
    9       Adventure ideas and Dungeon generator
    10     Treasure and Magic Items

The core AFF book will probably be around 200 pages, and will be fully illustrated.

18th December 2010:
Just a few further bits of information to tease you with!
The core AFF book will contain:

* All new Hero generation system, including Talents
* Revised combat system including Armour
* Wizardry, Sorcery and Minor Magic spells
* A brand new reworking of Priests
* and a whole lot more.....