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Crown of Kings

The fabled Crown of Kings has been stolen by the Archmage of Mampang, and YOU have been chosen to brave the dangers of Kakhabad and bring it back.  This complete campaign for the AFF RPG will take the Heroes across Khare before reaching High Xamen, home to the evil Archmage. Perfect for new players or veterans alike.

Heroes Companion

This long awaited companion has something for everyone!  Mass battle rules, loads of new Magical styles, Wilderness creation, Organisations, hirelings and more.  Requires the AFF core book, but expands your campaign to new horizons!


The foul city of Thieves, Port Blacksand, is home to some of the foulest rogues and most dangerous pirates on the face of Titan.  It is also a destination for the bravest Heroes.  Venture there with this book, which also includes rules for Firepowder weapons, naval sorcery and sailing.

Sorcery Spell Book

This new AFF version of the classic sorcery spell book brings you all of the sorcerer spells with original description and John Blanche art as well as the specific rules from the AFF core book.  The sorcery magic rules are also presented, as are five pages of new sorcerer options.  A perfect tome for any sorcerer player.

Beyond the Pit

 Now, we bring you another 250 dangerous and intriguing denizens of Titan.   Whether using this book to provide adversaries for Advanced Fighting Fantasy heroes or simply as a companion as you pit your skill against the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, the descriptions and illustrations herein will prove invaluable in your travels through the world of Fighting Fantasy.

Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Deep below Firetop Mountain resides the Warlock, an evil magician of immense power, protected by guards, traps and monsters. A group of special Heroes are needed to defeat the Warlock and free the surrounding countryside of his malign influence.  Based upon the classic gamebook and featuring original and new illustrations, this adventure will challenge and entertain your players!