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An interview with the Steve Jackson at Salute 2011, discussing FF, AFF, Games Workshop and more...

The official Hero sheet for your delectation

The first preview!

A form-fillable pdf Hero sheet.  Using Foxit pdf reader [available for free HERE], you can fill in all sections of the sheet and add a picture.   It is even pre-loaded with all of the weapon and armour data!

Pdf Hero sheets for the introductory Adventure “The Well”.

Sample Pdf Hero sheets for the Archetypes

The original Map of Titan by the inestimable Steve Luxton

The original Map of Allansia, again by Steve Luxton

The reference tables in pdf form from the AFF core book

One of the classic early British RPG’s is back.  Advanced Fighting Fantasy has been completely revised and rewritten for a new generation. In addition, Titan and Out of the Pit (two of the finest sourcebooks ever!) have been reprinted.

A perfect introductory RPG, but deep enough for experienced gamers, this really is a game for everyone.

The core rulebook, including Hero creation, game rules, Director advice, monsters, a brief world description, magical spells, gods and treasure.  

One of the best setting books ever, Titan sets the scene for the Fighting Fantasy world.  Everything from the primeval creation myth to what your average Orc drinks, this book has it all.

250 monsters from the pages of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks,