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What sets are next?

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:46 am
by RabidFox
As I gather from your postings here Graham and in the newsletter, this is what you have in the pipeline:
Modern European Civilians
Fantasy II
Pulp III
WWII: (did you decided on Tommys or Joes)
American Civil War (both factions I presume?)

Biblicals II (including giants)
Gothic Horror

Of course, you and everyone else here know that I vote for Pulp III as soon as possible.
Seriously Graham, we can really use it here.

The last vote we had here on what figures to ask for came up with this list the size of Pulp I:
Zeppelin Captain
Zeppelin Steward
Zeppelin Rigger
Mechanic (♂&♀)
Children, well dressed (♂&♀)
Inventor (similar to the original scientist but without the lab coat)
Scruffy ♀ Pilot
Ruffian (♂&♀)
InterWar Era American-style Officer
InterWar Era American-style Sergeant
InterWar Era American-style Soldier (x2)
Service Station Attendant
Restaurant Maître d’/Butler
Traffic Policeman

We are not so sure about having:
Person in Winter Gear (Adult&Child)(♂&♀),
but it does round out the set as far as numbers.

4 Vehicles:
1930 Ford Model A-style Panel Delivery Truck
1930 Ford Model AA-style Stake Bed Truck
1931 Ford Model A-style Pickup Truck
Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny" aeroplane

We did come up with an alternative for the Jenny, but it is rather large though - a Douglas DC3 which became the C-47 (Skytrain in the US, Dakota in the UK)
We figured it would take at least two pages, probably closer to four, for you to do.

Alternatively we had suggestions that ranged from a Ford 4-AT or 5-AT Tri-motor to a Fokker F.VII Tri-motor, from a Junkers F-13 or Ju52 to a Boeing 247, from a Short C to a Sikorsky S 38, 40 or 42.
Most of the six are smaller than the DC3 and made significant contributions to aviation during the InterWar Years.

Anyway, we would really like to see another well done Pulp set in the near future.

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:07 am
by Photoner Hawkwind
Well, I'd like to buy both the WWII Joes and all American Civil War Sets that you make.

I really like the vehicles you created for the German WWII set and can't wait to see these others you'll be making.

Great work!