Fantasy Court Paper Minis - Nearly free!

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Fantasy Court Paper Minis - Nearly free!

Post by bottg » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:41 pm


The free Medieval Court set by Arion Games has been an incredibly popular set, acquired by more than 3,000 people so far. We have always had a hankering to do another, and here it is. With more of a “Fantasy” feel than its predecessor, it nonetheless offers a few court personages and a good selection of guards, either to protect the body and welfare of your characters, or indeed threaten the same. Although we cannot offer this set for free, we can however cut the price down to a bare minimum: 50c!

So whether you are looking for a retinue for the goodly king or the henchmen of an evil lord, this is the set for you.

Images are here

Available from:
Arion Games Store ... s_id=63387
Precis Intermedia Games ... ts_id=2752
YourGamesNow ... on%20Games
E23 ... 3b762e302f
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Post by RabidFox » Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:53 am

50 cents US is a steal for what you give us here Graham.
Thank you for letting us rip you off! :wink:

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Post by mozi470 » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:13 pm

I agree with Rabid, here. This is a great set, and in my opinion it has some of the best posing you've done with your minis. At this price, I almost feel guilty--robbery without a mask.

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