Arion Games Anniversary

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Arion Games Anniversary

Post by bottg » Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:22 am

One year ago today we were putting the finishing touches to the first set of Arion Games Paper Miniatures.
12 months on and we now have 36 sets for sale at RPGNow, and have been in the top 20 vendors for the past 8 months. We also have nearly 90 comments, with an average rating of 4.7!

To celebrate this fantastic year, we have a special offer for our customers for the next week only (until the 13th July). Any customer who buys either our Fantasy or Ancients bundle during this time will receive 2 free Arion Games sets of their choice (links below). Simply purchase the bundle on RPGNow, send an email to with your free choices, and an email link will be sent by return to the free set.

In addition, ANY purchaser of an Arion Games individual set during this time will also recieve a free copy of our very popular Darcassians set. And what if you already have the Darcassians set? In that case we will send you the upcoming Darcassians II set planned for later this month! These free items do not require you to do anything extra.

These offers are only valid until the 13th July, so don't miss out!

Arion Games

Fantasy Bundle ( ... ts_id=6075&)

Ancients Bundle (

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