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Stellar Adventures:Alien Mercenaries released

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:34 am
by bottg
Throughout the Galaxy there are numerous Alien races; some peaceful and some warlike. The fate of the latter is often to end up as Mercenaries, fighting for whoever has the biggest credstick! This set of paper miniatures for the Stellar Adventures RPG (or indeed any SciFi game) provides five each of three different Alien Mercenary races.

Available Here: ... ercenaries

Also included is a brand new seven page supplement for the Stellar Adventures RPG detailing the Blazing Comet Mercenary company. This supplement contains details of the Company itself, new weapons and three new playable Alien races.

In this set:
5x Amul Mercenaries
5x Kanus Mercenaries
5x Omrig Mercenaries