Automatic (robocutter) Cutting and Arion Miniatures

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Automatic (robocutter) Cutting and Arion Miniatures

Post by jdpearson » Tue Nov 08, 2011 1:49 pm

I love Arion miniatures. I just bought a robocutter and am using it to cut things (of course). I like how OneMonk's mini's look when they are cut out along the outline of the mini, as opposed to having a rectangle of white like arion and so many others.

However, it looks like Arion's would need to be scaled up a little, and also the detail, as nice as it is, makes cutting them a little difficult.

I'm toying with adding a black border around each, and laying them out in Powerpoint a little differently, so the heads touch instead.

a) Anyone had any experience
b) anyone have any suggestions?
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