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John Kapsalis Townsfolk set

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 1:22 pm
by bottg
Our eighth set of paper miniatures from John Kapsalis features 31 characters from any fantasy town. You have the bigwigs (judge and mayor) and the less salubrious characters (scoundrel and gravekeeper) and of course you have the ordinary people in between. Rounded off with some animals, this set is great for when your adventurers head into town!

In this set:

1x Mayor
1x Judge
1x Doctor
1x Sage
1x Spymaster
1x Summoner
1x Bard
1x Butcher
1x Cook
1x Gardener
1x Grocer
1x Groom
1x Inventor
1x Jester
1x Mason
1x Piper
1x Witch
2x Women
1x Man
1x Executioner
1x Gravekeeper
1x Half Orc
1x Scoundrel
1x Cat
1x Dog
1x Goat
1x Construct Spider
1x Donkey
1x Pig
1x Sheep