Maelstrom on Youtube - Dicestormers

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Maelstrom on Youtube - Dicestormers

Post by muzzaguchi » Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:26 am

Hi all,

I meant to drop by earlier and advise that I have gotten my gaming group (The Dicestormers) into games of Maelstom among other things - and we video our games and post them on Youtube - a dicestormers Maelstrom search brings up the Viking in America game we played and we just played another Vikings game for RPG day which should be up soon. Here is the channel - which includes all the games we've uploaded. There is another Vikings game which is also Maelstrom - that was the first game I ever GM'd so go easy on me! (Vikings versus Vikings and Vikings versus skraelings as well as role playing viking drinking games etc!) and I have also played a couple of Maelstrom campaigns set in Elizabethan times - no videos I'm afraid but the theme of those was 1594 versus Scottish spies/map thieves/ pirates (Peter Love specifically).

The group (who are on facebook, twitter and the web - like the rules - especially the immediate exp roll - and we play Maelstrom as well as Pathfinder, Star Wars (D6 version), Paranoia, Shadowrun and a couple of others. I will be running more Maelstrom games with them - so please drop by and have a look. If any of the campaigns interest you I'm happy to give out details - just PM me.



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