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Starting equipment for extra challenge/realism

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 9:58 pm
by Slloyd14
I was just looking at the cost of starting equipment on page 34 of the main book. Taking average kind of results for an adventurer who has a potion of stamina, leather cuirass, longsword and 7gp, their equipment and cash costs about 95gp, which is quite a lot. If they decide to have a potion of luck (40gp), greatsword (80gp), leather cuirass (20gp) +12gp and extra equipment (20gp), it could costs 160gp which is quite a lot, especially if anyone has a social scale of 6 or less. So, if you want a bigger challenge/more realism, I suggest this starting equipment.

No cash.
One from these weapons: dagger, handaxe, spear, club, quarterstaff, sling and stones.
A small shield if your character has the armour skill
A backpack
2 meals of food
5 torches
No potions!

EDIT: Although I just wanted items that cost less than 10gp, the handaxe would be a very common tool, so I decided to include it. If you want to go real hardcore, you could say that the handaxe that the heroes start with is not made to be a weapon but for cutting wood and so gives a -1 penalty to damage.

Alternatively, each hero can have 20gp of starting equipment with a -1 damage roll handaxe costing 5gp.

This makes the city cost of equipment range from 8gp and 5sp (for a dagger and no shield) to 27gp and 5sp (for a handaxe and shield)

I guess if you want to go REALLY poor, you could only give the heroes 2gp but use the lowest possible price for items. This would lead to:

No cash.
1 weapon from: Dagger, club, quarterstaff, sling.

Items: Backpack, barrel, candles (12), grindstone, cooking herbs, oil, quill, ink+paper, quiver, rope, sack, torch, blanket, 1 meal, lantern, tinderbox, waterskin.

Of course, the first mission should involve getting money, but if they go on a dungeon crawl with orcs and goblins that might be carrying cash around then it shouldn't be too difficult to raise some money for decent equipment.

Re: Starting equipment for extra challenge/realism

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 8:08 am
by Ruffnut
In my adventures 1 copper amazes the players :p

Re: Starting equipment for extra challenge/realism

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 4:10 am
by SkinnyOrc
Starting equipment could be based on social class with a random element? Maybe with a bonus for demi-humans based on the idea they're more communal than most humans and wouldn't let one of their own out into the world badly prepared. That would give more variety. Also you've written up rules on equipment quality right? What about second hand or poorly made starting equipment?

On prices, I've suggested before that living costs seem very high compared to the treasure in AFF and could be divided by ten (to keep it simple). Weapon and armour costs I'd left as they are but I've never sat down and worked out if that looks right relative to each other.

My opinion is leather hauberks shouldn't be out of reach of starting characters, from memory they're only 5gp more than a leather cuirass. For the huge increase in protection, if I was starting a career as an adventurer I'd stretch to that. Especially if second hand is possible I'd expect the only reason you'd go for a leather cuirass is if you wanted the mobility and stealth. Small shields are also cheap at 6gp I think it was. These aren't insignificant amounts of money starting out but compared to what a leather cuirass costs anyway it's only a little more. You wonder how they'd earn the amount for a leather cuirass, so probably their armour's either inherited, gifted or came with the apprenticeship/job/role they had to get their skills to the point they're at before adventuring. Same with whatever books and so on a wizard needs.

Re: Starting equipment for extra challenge/realism

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:49 am
by Ruffnut