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movement rules

Post by shintokamikaze » Sat May 20, 2017 7:25 pm

Has any one come up with rules for movement?

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Re: movement rules

Post by Ruffnut » Sat May 20, 2017 11:25 pm

shintokamikaze wrote:Has any one come up with rules for movement?
I use inches equal to what it says in H.C + 1d3
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Re: movement rules

Post by Lorian » Sat May 20, 2017 11:25 pm

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Re: movement rules

Post by LordArioch » Sun May 21, 2017 1:08 am

The lack of wargaming-derived rules (as movement) is one of the shortcomings of AFF2e, IMO. One option is to borrow infos from the Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide (TSR, 1979), p. 58.

(I hate the fact this forum does not allow BBcode for tables! Argh!! :evil: )

Light load (normal terrain)....30
Light load (rugged terrain)....20
Light load (very rugged terrain)...10
Average load (normal terrain)...20
Average load (rugged terrain)...10
Average load (very rugged terrain)...5
heavy load (normal terrain)...10
heavy load (rugged terrain)...5
heavy load (very rugged terrain)...2

Mounted Movement in miles/day (Terrain normal/rugged/very rugged)
Light mount (60/25/5)
Medium mount (40/20/5)
Heavy mount (30/15/5)
draft (30/15/5)
cart* (25/15/-)
wagon* (25/10/-)

* may only be used on roads, tracks, open terrain!

Aquatic Move Rates [afloat, oared, sculled] (Lake/Marsh/River/Sea/Stream)
raft (15/5/15/-/10)
boat, small (30/15/35/-/25)
barge (20/5/20/-/-)
galley, small (40/5/40/30/-)
galley, large (30/-/30/30/-)
merchantman, small (10/-/15/20/-)
merchantman, large (10/-/10/15/-)
warship (10/-/10/20/-)

Aquatic Move Rates [sailed] (Lake/Marsh/River/Sea/Stream)
raft (30/10/30/-15)
boat, small (80/20/60/-/40)
barge (50/10/40/-/-)
galley, small (70 to 80/-/60/50/-)
galley, large (50 to 60/-/50/50/-)
merchantman, small (10/-/15/20/-)
merchantman, large (10/-/10/15/-)
warship (10/-/10/20/-)

Naturally all move rates may be affected by weather, precipitation (snow, rain, sleet, hail, etc.), winds (whether favourable or head), and the effects upon landscape. Etc. long spring rains swell rivers and streams making fording impossible or hazardous, makes a great deal of mud, and so on.

For tactical movement (if one is inclined to use minis), I just keep things simple via houserulings:

Human (no/light load/average load)...12"
Human (moderate load)...9"
Human (heavy load)...6"
Human (very heavy load)...3"

Dwarf/Hobbit (no/light load/average load)...9"
Dwarf/Hobbit (moderate load)...6"
Dwarf/Hobbit (heavy load)...4"
Dwarf/Hobbit (very heavy load)...2"

Other things would be like a "road bonus" for representing the relative ease of travel on roads, and penalties for movement up slopes of different grades, penalties and forbiddances for movement through lightly, moderately and densely wooded areas or areas with significant undergrowth (e.g. briars). Barbarian- and Ranger-types would not be at all inconvenienced by such matters as they are outdoorsy in upbringing, training, and experience. Those with the Strength special skill also would be considered as carrying a load one move category faster (A human with STR sp. sk. with a heavy load would be allowed a move-rate of 9").

and so on...

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