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Villain spells

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:12 am
by Slloyd14
After playing some Moria, I have throught about enemy spellcasters and how there are lots of player spells, but they are not necessarily perfect for a quick spellcasting monster. So I have got some simple spells that are for monsters only. This means that there are fewer options which I whink will be better for a director who has to juggle a load of stuff, rather than have them decide whether their sorcerer will cast the DIM or SAP spells. They are not as swingy as player spells as I think that for 1d6 damage, 1 is ineffectual and 6 can be devestating. Also, I think giving a monster Lightning blast could outright kill a player. So the damage has a smaller range where the smallest damage is bigger and the biggest is smaller.

In addition, most spells have smaller effects, but also permanent effects (as in the effects drain stats and they don't recover at the end of combat). This means that even if the heroes win, their resources will be more drained, and even if they face an opponent of similar strength, they will find hte combat harder.

All of these spells have a cost that can be either stamina or magic points depending on the type of caster you want. Or you could use them as one use priest powers, or you could say that hte monster can use them x times each.

Bolt 1
A bolt of energy (which could be fire, ice, lightning, acid, negatice energy or any type appropriate for the monster) shoots towards one target. It deals 1d3+2 damage. Armour does not apply, but dodge or test for luck avoids the spell.

Weakness 1
One target reduces their skill and damage rolls by 1 for the duration of the combat unless they test their luck.

Hex 1
All heroes and their allies within 25m lose 1 luck point.

Scare 1
This spell can be avoided with a test for luck or morale (it is a fear effect so bravery works against it). If they fail, they target will flee combat for 1d3+1 rounds.

Demoralise 2
All henchmen and hirelings within 25m lose 1d6 morale. This is restored after the combat, but if their morale reaches 0, they automatically flee.

Drain 2
All heroes and allies in the room lose 1d3+1 magic points.

Phase door 2
This is an emergency spell that can be cast with a single thought, so penalties for casting it in combat do not apply. It teleports the caster 10m away. They do not have complete control over the location, but it will teleport them where they are as far away from opponents as possible. Since characters move 2m per combat round (page 48 of the rules), it will give the caster some time to cast spells unhindered.

Clumsiness 3
The target must test their luck or lose 1 skill point. This is not restored at the end of the combat.

Missile shield 3
This protects the caster from all ranged weapons for 1d3 +1 combat rounds. The weapons do no damage and the caste will not get penalties to casting for being attacked by ranged weapons. This does not apply to spells.

Energy Ball 3
This creates energy like the bolt, but it affects all in a 10m radius and cause them 1d3+2 damage. A dodge test or test for luck avoids this damage.

Fumble 4
The target of this spell may test their luck. If they are unlucky, thet automatically fumble this combat round and must roll on the fumble table.

Heal monsters 4
This spell affects all monsters in a 25m radius apart from the caster. They all restore 1d3+2 stamina points.

Boost 4
This spell will increase the skill of all the monsters apart from the caster by 1 for one combat.

Teleport other 4
This spell can be avoided with a test for luck. If the target fails, they will be teleported 6m away from combat. This means they will have to spend 3 rounds to return to combat.

Trickster's Counter 4
This spell behaves just like a normal counterspell except it costs 3 more than the spell to cast. However, if the spell works, not only is the spell successfully countered, but also the caster of that spell must roll on the Oops! Table as if they had rolled a double 6 (having the Arcane talent works on this normally).

Summon 4
Summons a spawn from the unknown planes that is able to attack a hero hand to hand in the next round. The creature has a SKILL 8 STAMINA 8, light armour and large claws. The creature vanishes when all the heroes are dead or when they escape.

Killing Machine 4
This spell increases the spellcaster’s skill by 2. If they are unarmed, it transforms their hands to large claws. If they are armed, they get a +1 bonus to damage rolls. If they have no armour, their skin gets thicker, giving them medium armour. If they have armour, they get a +1 to armour rolls. The caster also gets an extra attack. This spell lasts for 1d3+1 rounds and during that time, the spellcaster cannot cast any spells.

Control 6
If the target of this spell fails a test for luck, they come under the control of the caster. For 1d3+1 rounds, they will do anything the caster wants including attacking allies.

Invulnerability 6
The caster becomes immune to physical attacks for 1d3+1 rounds. This means the no melee or ranged attack deals damage. This does not apply to spells or energy attacks. Also, the caster does not take penalties to spellcasting for being under attack by either melee or ranged weapons.

Re: Villain spells

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:27 pm
by Dupont
Looks interesting

Re: Villain spells

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:29 pm
by Ruffnut
AMAZING! maybe heroes could learn from monsters or evil grimores?

Re: Villain spells

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:54 pm
by Lorian
Very Good! Maybe They Have A Bonus To Cast Roll?

Re: Villain spells

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:39 pm
by shintokamikaze
Great if the players are having an easy life