The Ciarensian Campaign

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Re: The Ciarensian Campaign

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Lizard Men Slavers from Fire Island
An evil Lizard King rules the humid swamps and jungles of Fire Island and sends his inhuman troops to the mainland to capture slaves for his gold mines. Once a prison colony run by mercenary Lizard Men guards, the Lizard King has now affirmed his allegiance to the Empire of Silur Cha, and begun building several fortified settlements along the Skull Coast, which, along with the Fire Island enclave, are the northernmost outposts of this nefarious nation of reptilians.

Thus, any Lizard Men encountered will either be in one to three longships (see Blacksand, p. 15), attacking the coastal villages in search of slaves, or in small mud-brick forts of four to twenty-four creatures, conducting military scouting operations in the immediate vicinity. All Lizard Men are armed with spears and swords, and clad in finely worked armour studded with spikes. The leader of a fort or a slaving expedition will be either a powerful Mutant Lizard Man or a Two-Headed Lizard Man. A fort may also have one to three Giant Lizards as battle-steeds, carrying Lizard Men riders into battle against anyone foolish enough to attack the walls.

ARMOUR: Medium
NUMBER ENCOUNTERED: 2-12 (per longship) or 4-24 (per fort)

Forts have 1-3 Lizard Men Slavers riding Giant Lizards (SKILL 8 STAMINA 9, Large Bite, Light Armour)
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Re: The Ciarensian Campaign

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Factional Notes
Note that the head(s) or leader(s) of each faction or part of a faction are powerful characters in their own right, and should be created as per a special enemy (see Advanced Fighting Fantasy, p. 121) or a protagonist (see Advanced Fighting Fantasy, pp. 132-133). In addition, each faction or part of a faction counts as an Organizational form of a Holding, with the numbers of members in a faction determining the Grade Level of the Organization (see Heroes Companion, pp. 33-37).

Pirates of the Skull Coast
The Skull Coast is a rocky stretch of strand that borders the desert wastes where they meet the waves of the Western Ocean. Long-famed for shipwrecks and sea caves full of ferocious monsters and weird demons, it is also the renowned haunt of various scurvy pirate crews. These criminal scum prey on the coastal shipping between Arantis and the northern lands, though some range further afield; north to Port Blacksand, south to Halak and Rimon, and west to distant islands in the far ocean. Their bases on the Skull Coast are coastal forts or excavated caves, with convenient anchorage for their sailing ships. Pirates rarely venture inland, into the wastes, except to bury or retrieve treasure (almost always with the aid of a map, though some devious captains have been known to get their crew to bury treasure chests containing naught but iron bars!

Individual pirates will be clad in ragged sea-worn clothes, and brandishing either a cutlass or a club in combat. Most also carry a bandolier of razor-sharp throwing knives. Owing to their life-style, many pirates are fiercely individualistic and defined by key traits picked up during their bloody career. The below table offers some examples of what could have happened to a pirate in their short life so far, though for simplicity’s sake it is perhaps better to apply its rolls to only a few key buccaneers, such as the captain and his or her henchmen:

Roll Affliction Effects
1: Pet Parrot: Will defend its master (SKILL 4 STAMINA 3, Small Bite, -2 to Damage Roll)
2: Hook hand: ATTACKS 2, damage as per Dagger
3: Eye-patch: -1 SKILL
4: Peg leg: -1 SKILL, Can always be Escaped from
5: Gunner: Have a flintlock pistol (see Blacksand, p. 8)
6: Pet Monkey: Will defend its master (SKILL 6 STAMINA 4, Small Bite)

The number of pirates encountered will determine the type of ship they are sailing:

Pirates Ship type
10+ Longship
20+ Cog
30+ Caravel
40+ Coastal Barge (as per Pleasure Barge)
50+ Galley
60 Galleon

Further details on ship types can be found in Blacksand (pp. 15-17). Sometimes the pirate forces may be split between two or more smaller vessels instead of all being on one ship. The pirate captains of the Skull Coast are both legendary and infamous. If 50 or more pirates are encountered, you can roll on the table below to randomly determine which pirate captain the Heroes have had the misfortune of encountering (assume all ships to be Galleons):

Roll Pirate Captain Ship Notes
2: Garius of Halak, The Death’s Head; See Titan (p. 17) and Demonstealer
3: Captain Bloodaxe, The Troll; See Demons of the Deep
4: Captain Barnock, The Flying Toucan; See Armies of Death and Port of Peril
5: Agrat Longtooth, The Skull in Splendour; See Heroes Companion (p. 39)
6: Forash Fearbringer, The Blackheart
7: Kullion the Crab, The Blood Auk
8: Captain Blackskar, The Swordfish
9: Agrat Longtooth, The Dancing Dolphin; See Heroes Companion (p. 39)
10: Captain Gargo, The Belladonna; See Temple of Terror
11: Captain ‘Skully’ Bartella, The Black Swan; See Trial of Champions
12: Lord Azzur, The Face of Chaos; See Titan (pp. 106-107) and Blacksand (p. 84)

WEAPON: Cutlass (as per Sword), Club or Throwing Dagger
NUMBER ENCOUNTERED: 10-60 (per ship)
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Re: The Ciarensian Campaign

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Re: The Ciarensian Campaign

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Great stuff :P
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Re: The Ciarensian Campaign

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So much detail! :P
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