The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign on RPoL

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The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign on RPoL

Postby Nuvole! » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:09 pm

In case you are interested, I am running this campaign on RPoL (i.e. Role Play on Line)

It is a campaign in the classic fantasy setting of Blackmoor, run with AFF2 (with some minor house rules and adaptations to the specific setting) and made of a number of ofe-off adventures that can be played in different order. Some adventure can be run more than once for different groups and more than one adventure can be running at the same time for different groups.
As a player, you will join the game, then you can create your characters and join the specific dventures that you like.

Check it out!

PS I know that RPoL at first sight may look weird under graphsic and interface point of view, but usually after a short time people learn how to customize it for personal needs (in practice, remove everything that you don't need) and everything falls in its place.
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