House rule: Varying the effects of combat

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House rule: Varying the effects of combat

Postby HedgeWizard » Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:41 am


Some rules I use to vary combat a bit.


One of the great things of AFF is its simplicity, but at times i get the nagging feeling that some things are missing. One of those was danger in combat, if you have an advantage of 2 in a combat you'll probably win and be none the worse for it. Any damage which you do sustain can be recovered with a sandwich and some time lying down in a dark room.

Yes this is high fantasy, yes stamina is an abstract measure of how you are feeling. But the rules for armour make t clear that they are actually blocking hits and when you get to zero you are dead. It's all rather binary 100% effective (unless you suffer a critical hit 1 in 36 chance) or dead.

I really enjoy using the visera document but this only gives more explanation to how you are hurting without fundamentally changing the rules beyond healing and being a bit more fatal.


So my changes are a table saying what has happened when you reach zero stamina. Extra critical hits and the ability to run away!

When you reach zero roll 2d6 on the following table (based upon one made for D&D):

2 - Instant death: Dead, very very dead
3 - Fatal wound: die in D6 rounds
4-5 - Severed limb and pass out: randomly pick one, die in 3d6 rounds unless someone stops the bleeding
6-7 - Broken bone (random): Out of the fight and will need 2d6+3 weeks to recover naturally
8-9 - Knocked out for 2d6 rounds
10-11 Stunned for d3 rounds
12 - "Now I'm Mad!" Regain D3 Stamina but then pass out for 2d6 rounds after the combat ends.

If a player has to roll multiple times on this chart in the same combat then add -1 for each previous roll.

If the target is incapacitated then feel free to deliver the coupé de grace, if you cannot focus because of being in combat then roll on the above table with a D6 only.

Extra critical hits: any combat which you win with a double causes a Critical Hit (Double damage and -1 to skill)

Run away!!! : to avoid the extra critical hits causing a downwards spiral then people can run away. This is done as an opposed test of your current skill level vs. The enemy skill level -2 (if a using a weapon) or at full level (if a creature). If you won the previous round of combat using a defensive posture (+2 to skill but cause no damage I'd won) then get +2 when trying to run away.
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Re: House rule: Varying the effects of combat

Postby SkinnyOrc » Sat Jan 20, 2018 9:53 am

HedgeWizard wrote:When you reach zero roll 2d6 on the following table (based upon one made for D&D)
I really like the concept of different results when a character runs out of STAM. Something I've been thinking for a while is it'd be great to have some effects from combat that were more long term. Breaking a leg has an obvious effect on mobility while breaking an arm has a 50% chance of forcing the character to fight with their off hand or otherwise stops them using a shield or anything two handed, having a hand bitten/chopped off is the same but permanent, losing an eye reduces SKILL and probably more with ranged weapons with the loss of depth perception, and so on. Some would take weeks or months to heal naturally and even then leave a SKILL penalty, and others don't heal at all. More powerful magic than a normal Priest Heal would be needed to fix them completely. These are the sorts of things you wouldn't want happening often. I thought about making them critical hit effects but that seemed too harsh, but making it something that happens only when they get to 0 STAM might work!

By the way I'm not sure I'd have anything on the table which is instant death. By the book there's no immediate death until -4 and it doesn't seem very fair to the players to change that.

HedgeWizard wrote:Extra critical hits: any combat which you win with a double causes a Critical Hit (Double damage and -1 to skill)
The problem with crits on any double is if you do it to the players they won't be happy, it's just too often. I'd suggest you tie increased chance of a crit to a high Weapon Special Skill. I did that in this thread as part of my fix for PC attack strength being able to get too high. I had the best you could have is a crit on an 11 or 12 but that could be increased without causing a lot of problems doing it like this.

HedgeWizard wrote:Run away!!!
Making disengaging an opposed SKILL roll makes sense. What was the thinking behind the enemy being -2 if using a weapon and no penalty with natural weapons? The +2 for fighting defensively the previous round I like, they've spent a bit of time getting ready.

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