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Quasqueton Castle

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:47 am
by SkinnyOrc
My latest project is a complete rework of the maps for the old D&D module B1 In Search of the Unknown. I'd always thought you wouldn't really want to live in a stronghold with no windows like that so it's redone as a castle based loosely on the real Krak des Chevaliers. This was my first serious mapping project and probably my last, it was way more work than I was expecting!

Quasqueton Level 4
Quasqueton Level 3
Quasqueton Level 2
Quasqueton Level 1
Quasqueton Caverns Level

I thought stocking the rooms for AFF would make a great community project. The original adventure described the rooms but left the monsters and treasure to the GM, so it's a blank slate. I've got ideas for a few of them but feel free to post alternatives and same if someone else has already posted an idea for a room, the more the merrier.

Seeing as not everyone's going to have access to the module I've knocked up some notes on what each room is.

Level 1
This level is tunnelled into the bedrock of the outcrop the castle rests on. There is no natural light.

Entrance - The gates are ajar and show signs of being forced. Beyond is a wide upwards sloping corridor. The two portcullis have been left raised but will be noticed by observant characters or those with a military background. The murder holes in the ceiling between the portcullis, and less frequently along the rest of the corridor, are harder to spot as their hatches are closed, shrouding them in darkness. The corridor leads to the Level 2 courtyard and has no direct connection to the other numbered areas on Level 1. A slight camber to the corridor floor carries rain water running in from the courtyard to drains along either side.

1. Alcoves - The remains of several guards and adventurers lie in the entrance corridor where they fell in battle, just past the second pair of alcoves and before the second set of gates. These gates are also ajar but undamaged.

13. Implement Room - A storeroom for tools and implements. The portcullis in the corridor just past the door to this room is a trap.

15. Teleportation Room - Teleports anyone entering to 16 without any noticeable sign.

16. Teleportation Room - Teleports anyone entering to 15 without any noticeable sign.

30. Access Room - The stairs down here lead to area 38 on the Caverns Level.

31. Room of Pools - Each pool has a different magical effect.

36. Utility Room - The pit trap here is above area 50 on the Caverns Level.

Level 2
The rooms on this level have narrow arrow slits in any walls facing the outside, offering only limited natural light. Walls facing into the courtyard have no arrow slits or other openings.

1a. Gatehouse - There is little here except the mechanisms for a pair of portcullis for the entrance corridor below (both raised), several wooden hatches in the floor covering murder holes into the corridor (area 1), a small table and two chairs.

1b. Courtyard - The cobbled open courtyard is empty except for some collapsing wooden structures against the east curtain wall. If examined these appear to be stables and quarters for slaves. Rusting iron hatches in the cobbles cover murder holes that could be used to attack intruders in the entrance corridor from above. A wide staircase leads from the courtyard up to level 3. The large and very solid doors at the top of the stairs are closed but unlocked. The smaller doorway in the south curtain wall leads to stairs down to a secret one way sally port to the second alcoves at area 1.

7. Wizard's Annex - Used by the wizard Zelligar to practice his more dangerous spells.

9. Wizard's Laboratory - This room is filled with equipment and paraphernalia used for Zelligar's experiments.

10. Storeroom - The main food storeroom for the fortress and accessible only through a secret door.

11. Supply Room - Construction supplies.

14. Auxiliary Storeroom - Empty except for a small pile of rock rubble.

17. Char Storage Cellar - The charcoal here was used in the smithy on the level above but is now mostly empty.

19. Access Room - The shaft down here leads to area 19a on the Caverns Level.

22. Garden Room - This garden of giant and bizarre fungus has overgrown the entire room.

23. Storage Room - This room is filled with spare furniture.

28. Worship Area - Temple to a horned and leering god.

Level 3
Ceilings on this level are stone rib-vaulting supporting the battlements. Walls facing outside the castle or into the courtyard have large arrow slits providing reasonable natural light.

2. Kitchen - Cooking utensils and food in various stages of decomposition are scattered everywhere.

3. Dining Room - Where the guards and servants took their meals. Long tables and bench seats lie overturned and piled up against the wall.

4. Lounge - A room where the guards used to socialise (which mostly meant drinking).

8. Wizard's Workroom - Large workbenches dominate this spacious, high ceilinged room.

12. Library - Filled with shelves of books on a broad array of subjects.

18. Smithy - This was used to maintain weapons and other metal items of the stronghold.

21. Meeting Room - This hall has rows of benches for when the lords wished to address the troops.

24. Mistress' Chamber - Living quarters of the mistress of Rogahn, one of the two lords of the castle.

26. Trophy Room - The trophies of Rogahn's adventuring career, including the heads of several creatures mounted on the walls.

27. Throne Room - A pair of thrones on a raised dais dominate the far end of this room. An impressively large round leaded window is in the wall behind the thrones. This room doubled as a banquet hall on special occasions.

33. Barracks - This large chamber has four stone pillars supporting the ceiling. The rest is filled with simple wooden beds and footlockers, most of which look not to have been used for many years.

34. Armoury - The armoury is almost empty of weapons and armour.

37. Recreation Room - A private training room for the warrior Rogahn.

39. Museum - A room celebrating the achievements of Rogahn and Zelligar. A painted mural decorates most of the wall.

Level 4
The towers are living quarters for the most important residents of the castle and have fine stonework with ribbed-vault ceilings. Not all the towers are accessible from the wall battlements.

5. Wizard's Chamber - The living quarters of Zelligar. There are windows in the walls facing out of the castle, providing plentiful natural light.

6. Wizard's Closet - Contains robes and a book stand with several tomes from the library.

25. Rogahn's Chamber - Lined with rough pine planks and with a concealed dressing room and closet in the wall opposite the spiral staircase. The back wall of the closet has a one way secret door to the battlements. There are windows in the walls facing out of the castle, providing plentiful natural light.

29. Captain's Chamber - Living quarters of the captain of the guard overlooking the gate. The walls facing out of the castle have arrow slits providing reasonable natural light.

32. Advisor's Chamber - Living quarters of the elven advisor to Zelligar and Rogahn. There are windows in the walls facing out of the castle, providing plentiful natural light.

35. Guest Chamber x3 - These well appointed quarters have arrow slits in the outwards facing walls providing reasonable natural light.

Caverns Level
These are natural limestone caverns carved long ago by water and then modified by the inhabitants of the castle.

19a. Access Shaft - This is little more than a widening of the passageway, except for the shaft in its ceiling allowing transportation to the upper levels of the castle.

20. Dead End Room - This dead ended spiral corridor appears to serve no purpose except perhaps to delay pursuers of someone attempting to escape the fortress.

38. Access Room - There appears to be nothing here except mining equipment and piles of rubble.

45. Cavern of the Mystical Stone - The standing stone here has magical properties.

48. Arena Cavern - A natural bowl that has been carved into stepped seating to form an arena.

50. Water Pit - A natural spring here provides the water supply for the castle.

53. Grand Cavern of the Bats - A large colony of normal bats live on the cavern roof here, leaving through holes high above.

54. Treasure Cave - Several large chests lie open here but are empty except for a scattering of coins in and around them. Two lifelike statues of short men stand next to the chests.

55. Exit Cave - The one way secret door here leads to a ledge at the back of the massive outcropping the stronghold stands on.

56. Cavern of the Statue - This room guards the way to the secret escape tunnel from the fortress. There is a covered pit trap in the passageway beyond this room that may be avoided by keeping to the right. The characters may notice the bulge in the right hand wall at this point.

Re: Quasqueton Castle

Posted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:00 am
by shintokamikaze
Cool, very nice maps 8)

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Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:48 pm
by HedgeWizard
Very nice, thanks for all the work you put into it!

Wondering if a fastidious gnome obsessed with tending his mushrooms would be good for the garden room? :)

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:12 pm
by SkinnyOrc
Thanks guys!

I wanted to split out the room notes from the encounter ideas I've already had. So I've moved those here and added a bit more info to the first post.

3. Dining Room - This is now the home of the remaining orc slaves. No one tells them what to do any more but they see no reason to go elsewhere. The orcs outnumber the guards but are cowardly and avoid them unless one can be ambushed alone. The guards on the other hand have no interest in fighting slaves and ignore them. There are many exits from this room and the orcs will use them if any are killed.

8. Wizard's Workroom - Soon after entering the room characters will notice a reek of sulphur and burnt flesh before two Smoke Demons take shape in front of them. The demons are summoned by an enchantment triggered on entering the room and are bound to it, unable to follow beyond. If the characters leave the demons will rage impotently for 6 hours before being dragged back to the pits by the enchantments expiry.

10. Storeroom - A pair of Crystal Warriors guard this room, one to either side of the doorway. There is only room in the entranceway for four characters to fight there at a time.

33. Barracks - The last of the warriors left behind to guard the fortress still live here. Over the years they have become increasingly mentally unstable, having a death wish but only to die in the performance of their duty. They no longer guard the entrance, but do keep a watch on the entrance from 1a. Characters entering this way will be met by the guards here, waiting patiently for battle. However some may be met wandering the corridors, looking for glory at a time of their own choosing.

50. Water Pit - A Stone Golem hides in the dark waters, previously used to fill barrels of water and roll them to 19a, as well of course as guarding against intruders who might poison the well.

54. Treasure Cave - The Wax Golems here are instructed not to harm intruders and were only used as porters. The real danger is the Metal Sentinel in the form of a gold coin among those scattered on the floor. Whoever looted the treasury long ago apparently knew of this magical guardian.

56. Cavern of the Statue - Three torches flare into life as the characters enter here, lighting the roughly carved statue in the centre of the room. This is merely an unfinished statue, but if the characters focus their attention on it they are unlikely to notice the torches are in fact Fire Sprites (surprise).

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:42 pm
by SkinnyOrc
HedgeWizard wrote:Wondering if a fastidious gnome obsessed with tending his mushrooms would be good for the garden room? :)
Yeah I like AFF gnomes, the whole grumpy guy with magical powers thing. He could definitely scare off other inhabitants that wandered in. I also see them as often being a bit eccentric so they could have some odd hobbies :)

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Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:14 pm
by HedgeWizard
How about the following:

22 - Garden Room: within this room the players will find a wide and surprising range of fungi. Some of these are poisonous, some edible, some are useful ingredients for potions and some rare and expensive delicacies. Everything is set out with as much care as a Japanese Zen garden. When walking through players will hear the pit-pat of little feet behind them but will see none if they turn round. If they inspect any of the fungi closely then they will hear a rapid pit-pat-pit-pat followed by Mmmmmh? Can I help you? The sharp voice belongs to a gnome who will suddenly be next to the player. Grishank is the rooms gardener, he starts of neutral (well passive aggressive to be honest) but will rapidly use his magic to make the adventurers lives very difficult until they leave if they should even think of touching that mushroom! Gnomes are woodland creatures and not meant to be shut up in a castle which has made poor Grishank even more unfriendly than the usual gnome. But if a way could be found to free him to a forest with all his beloved children (as he calls his fungi) then he could be quite helpful and even generous in return... just don't try double crossing him.

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Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:22 am
by Lorian
I have an alternative cavern set based upon the idea that the evil mage was practicing all his necromancy in the caverns and a lot of fell residue remains:

38. In this abandoned guard post the skeleton remains of three guardsmen are present. Upon approaching then they will reanimate into three skeleton warriors and attack the heroes.

20. Here at the end of the corridor is a Gnarled wooden chest. It is locked and requires the brass key to open. Upon opening it it will animate and savagely bite the hand of whoever opens it. If it is finally killed it will be full of gold coins totaling 100gp. However one of the coins is actually a metal sentinel and if the chest is looted it will activate. This is indeed a savage trap and if the heroes successfully recover the loot they will gain 10xp.

48. Beyond this unlocked door is a large pit. It is filled with writhing flesh grubs and maggots. You feel like you are being dragged to the centre of the room! If you wish to escape you must roll a D6 and compare it to another D6 the DM rolls. If you roll higher then the DM you will escape - otherwise you will fall in. At the bottom of the pit is a brass key.

45. Standing in the middle of this room is a large crystal. If anyone touches it they will lose all feeling in their hand for 1D6 Days.

50. There is a waterfall on the side of the cavern. This used to be the castles water source but the Necromancy performed here turned it foul.

54. This hidden room is where the fell mage practiced his fell magic. There is a Necronomicon lying on the floor here. If you enter 7 Skeletons and a Brimstone Demon will attack you.


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Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:27 pm
by HedgeWizard
24 - Mistresses chamber: upon entering the héros will be attacked by a blind guard. Just before killing him a d'email voice will scream out "Stop it! Stop it! Stop being so beastly!" The voice they will see belongs to a toad sitting on a cushion and reading a book ("Considerations on the properties of non defracting fluids and their application screw based propulsion mechanisms" if any of the heros can read Ancient Allancian). This is Roghan's mistress Aliénor transformed by an enchantement and who can only be saved by a cliché filled kiss from a prince. If any of the characters try to kiss her she will fight them off with her little hands and insist on quizzing them in depth about their pedigree and getting to know them first (she's already made the mistake once with muscle bound but empty headed Roghan). Witty, well read and good company she will request that héros help her, her guard and the orc slaves escape so that she can be freed of her enchantement. However anyone who does not maintain the highest moral and ethical standards in her presence will get an verbal thrashing from her so strong they will feel like a 4 year old caught with his hand in a buiscit tin. Aliénor also speaks High Elvish (level 3) and will insist on pedantically correcting the grammar of anyone speaking Commen Elvish.

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Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:18 am
by SkinnyOrc
Keep them coming people!

Some background on the two ex-adventurer lords of the castle, the module only hinted at what they were like. There's definitely signs they may have been allied to evil such as the leering idol in room 28. On the other hand they and their men did stop a barbarian invasion of the civilised lands at a pass, although that may have just been for fame and wealth. So possibly they're just amoral and self-serving. Again it's bit of a blank slate you can do what you like with. The demons in my encounter for the wizard's workroom might suggest he's a demonologist. But he could also have had a magical item to set that magical trap and he's just unscrupulous enough to not be bothered by using it.

Re: Quasqueton Castle

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:53 am
by HedgeWizard
You have a castle filled with with golems, fire sprites and smoke deamons... the wizard has to have studied conjouring. Perhaps that's why they aren't there anymore? Things went well? A spell went wrong and got them stuck somewhere? They got sick and tired of having to fight off smoke demons just trying to get to breakfast :-)

Re: Quasqueton Castle

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:42 pm
by HedgeWizard
2 Kitchen: When entering the heros will be confronted by disgusting creature with an armless humanoid body topped off with a sickening gelatinous octopus. It will attack savagely if threatened and defend itself viciously if attacked with all the the knives in the kitchen. However if handled correctly they will discover that Nathanial is actually a very gentle and kind person with a shy and nerouvious laugh. He likes living in the castle, people don't attack him for being different and he has built up a surprisingly warm and close friendship with Grishank the gnome in the garden room. The guards leave him alone but his kindness has restulted in him building friendships with the orc slaves. He would be very sad to be alone again but is scared of being back in the outside world again as like most Flayers he has had bad experiences in the past (hence his tendency to attack when in doubt). As well as being an excellent chief he is also a gifted poet.

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Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:43 am
by SkinnyOrc
HedgeWizard wrote:You have a castle filled with with golems, fire sprites and smoke deamons... the wizard has to have studied conjouring.
Sure, what I meant is summoning creatures like the demons is crossing a line with conjuration towards evil. But I like shades of grey and so I'm suggesting he might have only dabbled in that sort of thing. That he might have used an item so that one didn't count was off the top of my head, but I'm not sure it would make it any less dodgy anyway. Seems unlikely he wouldn't know the nature of such an item before he used it.

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Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 12:01 am
by Robb 1
enjoying this rejig, fond memories this was the first module i ever bought, lost it years ago but remember bits of it such as the pools room. 2nd module i got was the Ghost Tower of Inverness also an enjoyable module might convert nicely to AFF

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Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:30 pm
by HedgeWizard
Well indipendent of if he drifted into the darker sides of magic or foolishly used something he didn't understand then it raises questions about what to put in the lower workroom where he did his riskier spells. My suggestion is something which looks very innocent and enticing but which leads to a whole world of hurt for the heros.