a question on certin talent stacking

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a question on certin talent stacking

Postby LycanusOfAmber » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:12 pm

me and a friend is haveing a debate i need some advanced GMS who run alot of AFF games to give me somee input on how they see it

you got swash buckling talent that as long as the person wares no armour then they get a armour roll based on there dodge

we notice it goes up to 7 and my guess is there is some talents or spells that increase this

i notice armour training wich gives +1 to ALL armour rolls includeing shields

so im like if you combinedd the 2 talents it will give you a 2-7 range on your swashbuckling armour roll chart

but since armour training states its special training with armour then you shouldnt get the +1 bonous with swashbuckling as your training with out armour

i got in the stance that unarmoured is still a stye of armour training andd it states that your learning to get the best protection out of it im also on the grounds that the wording states ALL ((they capitilize all)) and to me ALL is ALL not some not most but ALL

i know as a gm its my call how it works and i know the book is more of a guideline but id like to hear some of you guys interpertation of this scenerio and has it came up in your games before and how did yall takle it
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Re: a question on certin talent stacking

Postby SkinnyOrc » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:58 am

Graham tends to be a bit busy so you might have to make do with opinions.

Swashbuckler says "This Talent allows an unarmoured Hero to reduce the damage from attacks" and Armour Training "A Hero with this Talent is well used to wearing armour, and getting the best protection from it". So it's pretty clear to me that no, Armour Training doesn't help if you're using Swashbuckler.

But also there's an official rule variation on Dodge and Swashbuckler that for me works much better anyway at http://www.arion-games.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2230. I'd explain it like this:

The Dodge special skill can be used (without Swashbuckler) to avoid damage as per the table on page 64. Armour can be worn but does not stack with the protection from Dodge. So if a character is wearing armour and has Dodge the base armour/dodge roll number is whichever of the two is higher. The Swashbuckler talent adds +1 to the dodge protection roll in the same way that Armour Training adds +1 to an armour protection roll.

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