Recovering LUCK

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Recovering LUCK

Post by drbargle » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:32 pm

Reading some old posts on my favourite blogs, I re-read Daniel Sell's post on LUCK. (Daniel is the author of Troika!, incidentally). ... -luck.html

Now, I've been toying with the idea of borrowing from Fate the idea of Aspects. Now, I've used them in other games just to get players to think about who their characters *are* - physically, socially, culturally, their ambitions, their formative experiences etc. - in a much more concise and 'useable-at-the-table' way that a proper backstory. No mechanics, just the abbreviated and sometimes ambivalent way of representing what is important about this PC.

One way that PCs regain Fate points in Fate is by accepting a 'compel' - being negatively affected by one of their Aspects (which is why the best Aspects are double-edged). It strikes me that this could be the way in which PCs could regain LUCK points. It doesn't need to happen anywhere near as often as it does in Fate (in which, as I understand it, runs best when Fate points move back and forth across the table with regularity) as LUCK doesn't get tested *that* much, and because LUCK ought to be a diminishing resource - more, in my mind, than STAMINA. But every now and again, the PCs should have the opportunity to get themselves into trouble because of their Aspects - for love, or pride, or social station, or whatever else is planted there as a flaw within the Aspect - and gain a LUCK point by doing so.

This would also create situations in which PCs make interestingly bad decisions for reasons other than the arrogance of the players, or their greed for gold.

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