Blacksand 2e Comments & Questions

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Blacksand 2e Comments & Questions

Post by JoeDuncan » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:55 am


I just recently bought all the 2e books (and pulled my 1e ones out of storage) and I wanted to make a few quick comments about 2e Blacksand.

Overall I was pleased, I really like the naval stuff and town generation, and that the description of the city filled in some entries that were only named in 1e (Osric's Arms, for example).

I'm a bit disappointed with the maps though, they are not as good as 1e :(

I was saddened by the removal of detail, and perplexed by some rearrangements.

The removal of the shadows on the buildings makes it impossible to tell the difference between the courtyards and second stories anymore, and the removal of all the stair wells takes away a lot of the 3D "feel" (how do you know where the hills are?) - together they just make the maps look too flat :(

Also, I'm a bit at a loss as to figure out why all the warehouses were changed?; it seems a lot of unnecessary work to go through for what's essentially a lateral modification...

Anyways, it's not going to stop me from buying EVERYTHING else AFF2e that gets published :D (so happy it's back!) but I just wanted to give my feedback and query what other people thought.

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