Optional rule - everyone starts with a MAGIC of 4 and 8 Magic points

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Optional rule - everyone starts with a MAGIC of 4 and 8 Magic points

Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:47 am

Hi all. I was thinking of a rule that may clear things up and open up some new opportunities for the rules - everyone starts with a MAGIC score of 4 and 8 Magic points. The maximum starting score will still be 7 (8 for elves)

Here is why I think it will be useful:

Wizards will be able to devote more points to other stats and not be so squishy.
We can create magic items that mean people have to spend Magic points to activate. For example, a magic gem that allows its bearer to create a light as the Light spell when they spend 1 Magic point. Magic items could have multiple abilities, each one costing a certain number of Magic points.
People can have psychic combats with MAGIC instead of Skill and Magic points instead of Stamina.
Knowledge skills and Magic skills can always be tested against MAGIC instead of sometimes for Skill and sometimes for MAGIC.
MAGIC can be used to detect things like Magical auras as everyone has it. It's just that warriors and other non-magical types would be bad at it compared to magic using classes.
You can now have magic items that require a MAGIC roll to work. Everyone could use them, but magic users have a better chance.

Ways to balance it (choose any or all from the list below):

People only spend 6 points instead of 7 to buy stats.
Gaining 1 MAGIC doesn't automatically give you 2 Magic points. Instead, you have to buy them separately at a cost of 1 point for 2 Magic points.
Starting wizards can only buy 1 point worth of spells for every MAGIC point they have and every point in Magic - Wizardry they have.
Starting wizards can't buy 4 cost spells.
You don't get spell points for having the Magic - Wizardry spell.

Other thoughts

Replace the word MAGIC with LORE to indicate it's for knowledge skills too?
Replace Magic Points will WILLPOWER. This might open up the idea of tiredness and hunger draining willpower instead of stamina. Maybe if heroes lose Willpower when their Willpower is 0, they lose it from Stamina instead, indicating that if they starve themselves too much, it starts to take its toll.

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Re: Optional rule - everyone starts with a MAGIC of 4 and 8 Magic points

Post by Ruffnut » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:04 pm

Sounds amazing! I'm going to be doing this from now on!!
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