My Homebrew - Getting Lucky

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My Homebrew - Getting Lucky

Post by Chompy » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:14 pm

Sorry for the pun title. Also not sorry.

I've been using a mix-up of 1st, 2nd and homebrew in a campaign I've been running. I thought sharing might be useful/interesting to other folks, plus I'd be interested to hear any feedback and suggestions.
I don't own every 2E rulebook yet, plus I've not been on the forum super long (did have a quick search through the thread history though), so if this has already been talked about or there's other takes on the same thing to go read somewhere please let me know!

Rather than just lump this homebrew rambling in one giant posts I thought I'd pick and choose and give them each their own thread - once in a while, so hopefully I don't spam the place...

So first up is a pretty small change:
Players always have to test their luck when called to do so by the Director*, but it does not cost a luck point to do so. When the player chooses to voluntarily make a test for luck*, then it will cost 1 point whether they succeed or fail. Players can choose to test their luck as a replacement for any 2D6 roll they make, but only before making the roll. Other uses of luck, in combat (for extra damage, or damage reduction) or out of combat, are pretty much the same.
In 2E these two are called Enforced and Voluntary, though it only seems to make a difference if you're a monster.

I wasn't keen on players having to choose to be automatically unlucky if they wanted to preserve their luck points. This way I can call on them to make luck rolls often, and having a high luck score is noticeably beneficial in a sort of passive way because of this. Yet the fact that a luck roll can be used to replace any other roll makes it an extremely powerful resource when the players do spend it...

I also have a pretty standardised mechanic for regaining luck, because restoring Luck was something my players kept asking me about in the first adventure and at the time I didn't really have an answer in mind beyond "drink a luck potion" so I quickly came up with something for next time they asked.

The short version is: "Please the gods / spirits, attend temples and worship." There's no luck restored for being lucky, as it were. So finding key items or helping characters that turn out to be important later... that sort of thing is already fortunate so I don't give it extra rewards. :P

The list of generic ways to restore luck that I'm using is:
  • Daily Prayer (1 min): +1 Luck, once per day
  • Shrine Worship (5 mins): +1 Luck, per shrine per day, requires an offering
  • Temple Worship (1 hour): +D6 Luck, can spend multiple hours per day, attending an actual service may give bonuses to the roll, there may also be bonuses if there's a festival or other special service
  • Favoured Task: Some tasks are favoured by particular gods. The heroes may also choose to dedicate a particular task to a relevant god in the hopes of gaining favour. Usually the difference is whoever thought of it being a favoured task first - me or the player. Such as cleaning a forgotten shrine, clearing trash out of a forest glade, freeing a trapped animal, killing a particularly fierce opponent. Typically these net 1-3 Luck points. Bigger tasks I generally plan out along with the other adventure rewards and might raise Initial luck...
  • Magical/Mystical abilities: Certain beings, people or creatures that are able may opt to restore some luck points if they like the hero or want to reward them.
  • Luck potions!
A lot of it is intentionally time and/or location dependant. Though that daily prayer is in there as a gimme to keep things ticking over slowly no matter what strange or isolated location the heroes find themselves trapped in. Also Priests of particular gods can't worship at opposing temples/shrines!

So far it's been working out quite well, the players generally don't elect to use their luck voluntarily because they want to pass as many Director-called checks as possible, but when they really need it or the situation is dire, Luck gets called on to save the day. The more standardised methods for regaining Luck gave them some re-assurance that they'll be able to restore it and how much effort it would take to do so. Before that they simply weren't spending Luck because they didn't know when they'd be able to restore it. Now it's just a case of when they'll be in a settlement with a temple they can pray at, or stopping to make an offering at a shrine - so it's also added a bit of motivation to do those things, too.

Well, that's the first of the homebrew I'm using, anyway. Does anyone already have rules for the same thing? Or a different way of handling it? Things you can see going wrong from experience in games you've played? I only have two groups of players I've been inflicting this on, so I'd love to get some more feedback.

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Re: My Homebrew - Getting Lucky

Post by Nuvole! » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:33 pm

Small change, but I can see nothing wrong with it.
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