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[Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:37 pm
by Skyrock
You cannot take your Spell Book with you, as the sorcerers of Analand cannot risk its falling into the wrong hands of Kakhabad"
- Sorcery! Introduction, "Equipment and Provisions"

"Each country's sorcery is one of its most closely guarded secrets."
- Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, entry #8

One idea I always liked is the notion that all the nations of the Old World have their own kind of sorcery they keep secret from outsiders - a sorcery that reflects the needs, culture and history of the country.

This would be the following:
- Brice
- Femphrey
- Gallantaria
- Lendleland
- Mauristatia
- Ruddlestone

(I will skip Analand as it is already covered by the main rules. Kakhabad will be skipped as it isn't really an unified nation.)

What this will be for now is just a brainstorming to get a basic grip on the concept of the individual sorceries, one thread at a time. Once all of the Old World is covered by a concept, I'll see what concrete stuff can be come up with.

Don't sweat overlap in spells, especially very basic ones. Ideas like the wheel or picking up a stick to whack someone have developed simultanously all around the world. Likewise, zapping someone with a lightning bolt is a very basic idea that is likely to be similarly popular.

After no one had laughed at the last installment, I will move on to...


The country
If there is any land in Titan that is a rising star, it is Femphrey. After centuries of poverty, the enlightened rule of the Crown of Kings has allowed them to grow to become the most prospering nation of the old world.

Another outstanding feature is its wish to live in peace and cooperation with their neighbours. Rather than to abuse the Crown to subdue everyone else, they have preferred to pass the crown around, creating a wide-spread alliance in the process.

Further of note is the importance of seafaring in Femphrey.

The first real-world analogue that springs to my mind are the Netherlands. They began as a poor border province, which later grew into a rich "republic of shopkeepers" by trade, commerce and seafaring. Likewise, apart of their war for indepence the Dutch were averse to warfare and preferred other means to settle conflicts.

The spells of Femphrey
Titan speaks straight of "naval sorcerers" in regards of Femphrey, and so do I.

Much of the sorcery will have a strong naval bend, either to enhance seafaring (weather control) or by being of most use at sea and under open sky. (For instance, rather than summoning Giants with Giant molars, sorcerers of Femphrey might rather conjure sea trolls.) Speaking of tooth-based summoning, guess what is summoned by the Femphreyan version of GOB...

Strange nautical phenomenons as St. Elmo's fires might also play a role as result of Femphreyan sorcery.

The recent development as politically leading country is too young to have had much influence on most of Femphrey's sorcery. Still, there might be a few new (and underdeveloped) spells dealing with construction and mind-control to aid Femphrey as it builds its new powerbases and establishes itself as a power player.

The components of Femphrey
The strongest cultural influence on Femphrey is seafare. Thus, a lot of the components of Femphreyan sorceries might be influenced by nautical superstitions... Or rather, are nautical superstitions everywhere else in Titan the result of warped tales of Femphreyan sorcery?

Just to name a few:
- Figureheads of naked females are said to be a lucky charm for a ship
- Tattoos ward off evil spirits
- The sparkling of jewelry piercings distracts sea monsters
- Whistling onboard of a ship is said to create storms. Hence, "whistling up a storm".
- A ship's bell that rings without aid is an omen of death
- Throwing stones into the sea creates big waves and storms

Two unique features of Femphrey are Decapi and the crystals of Crystal Lake, making them another good candidate for components unique to Femphreyan sorcery.

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:16 am
by bottg
I was planning to write up naval sorcerers in the rules companion, but i will be very intrerested to see where this thread goes

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:54 am
by Skyrock
Don't feel compelled to delay books for the sake of that little series. I first need to draw up concepts for all the countries before I can get down to the dirty business of spells and spell lists (which will be the actual work).

Although knowing that, I might alter my plan to handle the nations alphabetically and create Femphrey's list first.

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:09 pm
by skathros
parkusuk wrote:I was planning to write up naval sorcerers in the rules companion
A AFF rules companion? Interesting! Very interesting indeed!

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:40 pm
by torus
Maybe the HOW spell could have a particular variant or set of variants for navigation.

A souped up version of FOG would be very useful for sea battles - like the spell Elric casts to hide the fleet in Stealer of Souls (I think).

Surely there should be a spell to summon a Kraken. And what about elementals. Summoning in general, of elementals, demons and other creatures, is something to consider in the Companion.

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:58 pm
by Skyrock
torus wrote:Summoning in general, of elementals, demons and other creatures, is something to consider in the Companion.
There are already Raise Skeleton (with varying costs depending on type) for Wizardry and GOB and YOB for Sorcerers (same Stamina cost, component dependent on creature).
Should be fairly easy to devise something from that.

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 9:59 am
by torus
Skyrock wrote:There are already Raise Skeleton (with varying costs depending on type) for Wizardry and GOB and YOB for Sorcerers (same Stamina cost, component dependent on creature).
Should be fairly easy to devise something from that.
Yes I agree those are probably good starting points. In addition, one might have some more elaborate rituals for more powerful beings, and perhaps also the issue of whether the summoner can control what he or she has summoned. I might think about this and post some ideas. Nothing too elaborate is needed, since AFF isn't really about power gaming and high sorcery, but it might be fun.

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 8:45 pm
by Skyrock
Now that I have concepts for all nations, I will begin creating spells and spell lists.

I will aim to begin with Femphrey, as that is what Graham was particularly keen on.
However, be patient. Next week-end, I will have to run a convention game, and should rather focus on prepping it well than to dabble in unrelated hobby stuff. Before October, there won't be results.

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:15 am
by Slloyd14
Maybe have a spell which summons a ghostly horse that can carry the sorcerer across the waves.

Have a version of the SUS spell which detects reefs, jellyfish and sea monsters under the waves.

A version of the wizard spells breathe and gills.

Have a more advanced version of mending which repairs sails and holes in the hull.

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:34 pm
by Nuvole!
In my imagination, I'm guessing that the standard (classic) Sorcery spell list is actually the one used in Analand.
All considered, I'd say that the Naval Sorcery spell list I'd say that it is the Famphrey list!

Perhaps, while Allansia is the continent where Wizardry was developed (but also Mask Magic and probably other styles, such as the ones similar to Wizardry in their mechanics, as well...), Old World is were Sorcery comes from, and each country in the Old World practices its own variations.

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:58 pm
by SkinnyOrc
Yeah I definitely see the fixed Sorcery spell list as a regional thing with the standard one being for Analand. With the guy in the Sorcery books being an Analander if the lists are regional those spells have to be used in Analand.

It's probably not the official view but I also see Sorcery as not being taught in Allansia at all. Any Sorcerers there learnt it in the Old World and are almost always from there too. Most would be from Analand because that's where the initial contact was made between the continents and there are irregular trading links, which explains why Sorcerers in Allansia use those spells.

I'm not sure about the Naval Sorcery list being "the Femphrey list", simply because even a maritime nation has loads of people who spend most of their time on land and those spells wouldn't be much use to them. Also I'm not sure a nation like Analand shouldn't be able to have Naval Sorcerers, they've got plenty of ships too. The other thing is there's only 41 points of spells in the Naval list compared to 63 (not counting ZED) for the standard list, so it seems like to make it fair a Naval Sorcerer gets some of the standard spells too.

So here's my idea. There are multiple styles of Sorcery across the Old World, each with a fixed spell list that has to be learnt in it's entirety as per the rules. Most civilised regions on that continent have at least one style of Sorcery similar to the Analand one best known in Allansia, but with some differences. Some regions have more than one although they may be obscure and difficult to find teachers for. If the region has Sorcery and is coastal they will also have at least one style that focuses on naval spells.

In game terms what this means is the Director decides the Sorcery spell list available to a character using the standard one as a model. If the campaign is in Allansia, then generally the standard "Analand" list will be used. If the character is from elsewhere in the Old World the Director will need to come up with a unique spell list for them that swaps some from the standard lists for new ones.

If they want to play a Naval Sorcerer the Director just needs to round out the Naval list with some more spells and the easy way to do that is just add all the standard 1 point spells. The standard list has 29 1 point spells and the naval list only has 4, so that works pretty well. But a bit more effort would probably give an even better result. HOT seems really useful with all those wooden boats around...

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 2:35 pm
by Nuvole!
I don't know if the Old World Gazzetteer (that is in Arion Games' plans) will cover this, with dedicated Sorcery spell lists for every Old World state (maybe Northland will share the same of Gallantaria, as it's the most recent one) and perhaps this will clarify the Naval Sorcery issue (I think you proposed a fairly good option for filling up some gaps, although it might still be "the Femphrey" Sorcery style or an extra style taught a bit all over the Old World and even in other continents by exiles, a bit like the Analand style).
If thi issue is not fully addressed, hopefully in the future there will be a dedicated publication to Sorcery variants or at least a number of PDFs to download from the site, one for each variant...

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:58 am
by SkinnyOrc
I'm looking forward to the Old World Gazetteer a lot, fingers crossed the schedule slip gremlins don't get their hands on it!

It doesn't seem practical to have completely original lists (or even mostly) for each region, and if you did the ideas would be spread thin and the quality would suffer. Not that I'm saying that was the idea of the thread, Skyrock said overlap was to be expected.

So what I'd like to see in the Gazetteer are a few extra Sorcery spells and then a variety of styles each with some back story and a list of which spells they use. These would mostly be the same as either the standard list or the naval list but with a few differences and the odd unique spell.

When I said styles being regional I didn't necessarily mean nations. The style from the Sorcery books might be state sponsored in Analand with 3 or 4 schools scattered around the country, while the most "common" style in Mauristatia might be taught by a hermit in the mountains. Maybe Femphrey's main land sorcery style is also known in Gallantaria, and so on.
Hullalla wrote:Naval Sorcery ... might still be "the Femphrey" Sorcery style
Sure I don't see why a naval sorcery style shouldn't be the dominant one in Femphry even if there's some land sorcery taught there too.

My view is the naval sorcery usually seen in Allansia is also from Analand, at least on the west coast of the continent. Analand's the first nation you get to sailing out from Allansia and the one likely to have the best (although still sparse) trading links with it. With pretty much everyone arriving by ship maybe you're more likely to get naval sorcerers coming over than standard sorcerers? Or maybe not, the captains are going to want them for the return journey too and probably make them sign a contract :)

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2016 11:54 am
by Nuvole!
I think that it makes sense that each Sorcery style shares at least half of the spells with other styles.
I like the idea of having specific Sorcery styles related to each nation of the Old World (minus, perhaps, Northlands, as it's a very young nation...), but I'll read with interest all other proposals. I think that expanding this to every other nation of Allansia and Khul would be too much: in my view (this means that I am likely to be wrong...) Magic: Sorcery was "invented" in the Old World and spread from there, while probably Magic: Wizardry is an Allansian thingy.

If this can't be included in the Old World Gazetteer in detail, I hope at some point in the future we'll see free PDFs that can be downloaded from the appropriate section of Arion Games website! ;)

Re: [Regional Sorcery] Femphrey

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:35 am
by darksoul
I really liked this topic thread! When I first saw it I was really looking forward to it. I saw that it stopped and thought I could add to it or something to get it going but it would have been a long time coming. I'm really familiar with Khul, not the Old World.