[Regional Sorcery] Gallantaria

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[Regional Sorcery] Gallantaria

Post by Skyrock » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:35 pm

You cannot take your Spell Book with you, as the sorcerers of Analand cannot risk its falling into the wrong hands of Kakhabad"
- Sorcery! Introduction, "Equipment and Provisions"

"Each country's sorcery is one of its most closely guarded secrets."
- Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, entry #8

One idea I always liked is the notion that all the nations of the Old World have their own kind of sorcery they keep secret from outsiders - a sorcery that reflects the needs, culture and history of the country.

This would be the following:
- Brice
- Femphrey
- Gallantaria
- Lendleland
- Mauristatia
- Ruddlestone

(I will skip Analand as it is already covered by the main rules. Kakhabad will be skipped as it isn't really an unified nation.)

What this will be for now is just a brainstorming to get a basic grip on the concept of the individual sorceries, one thread at a time. Once all of the Old World is covered by a concept, I'll see what concrete stuff can be come up with.

Don't sweat overlap in spells, especially very basic ones. Ideas like the wheel or picking up a stick to whack someone have developed simultanously all around the world. Likewise, zapping someone with a lightning bolt is a very basic idea that is likely to be similarly popular.


The country
Gallantaria is the past center of attention and played a vital role in the War of the Four Kingdoms.

It takes great value in knowledge and his home to many sages. The libraries of the ruling family contains a lot of information about the Old World's history.

Gallantaria today is a mostly peaceful place, with more and wealthier townsfolk than most anywhere.

The spells of Gallantaria
As a nation that values knowdledge, Gallantaria puts heavy emphasis on spells that help in acquiring more knowledge: Magical perception, mind-reading, translation, clairvoyance, summoning scouts, talking to the dead... You should get the picture.

Moreover, it has the most extensive written down records anywhere in the Old World. As such, there might be eldritch rituals dating back to the War of the Wizards and beyond, spells that have been lost everywhere else in the world. Creating life from clay, longevity spells, weaving hay into gold and other sorcery that has fallen into nothing but legend elsewhere might be at the fingertip of Gallantarian sorcerers. (Although component requirements might be steep and/or legends might be exaggerated. Maybe Gallantarian hay-gold requires hay made from a plant that has nearly gone extinct. Maybe the ability to create life is limited to making golems. And so on.)

The components of Gallantaria
Think high-brow ceremonial magick with a -ck-. Gallantarians are very fond of traditional components, such as candles, wands, staffs, chalices or ceremonial swords. As a once dominating, rich country, many of them will be made of expensive materials as gold, silver or the green metal from Craggenrock.

Their eldritch, legendary spells might require very unique components - some of which might only exist once in the world and might be fabled treasures in and of themselves. Tracking down their location might already be an adventure in and of itself, not to speak of actually recovering it, and then keeping it as other sorcerers learn about it.

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Re: [Regional Sorcery] Gallantaria

Post by Slloyd14 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:43 pm

May I ask for your source to this info?

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Re: [Regional Sorcery] Gallantaria

Post by Skyrock » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:58 pm

Wow, this thread lives on some 5 years later.

It's what little hard information was available in "Titan", followed up by some extrapolation and speculation.

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