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[Regional Sorcery] Lendleland

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:29 pm
by Skyrock
You cannot take your Spell Book with you, as the sorcerers of Analand cannot risk its falling into the wrong hands of Kakhabad"
- Sorcery! Introduction, "Equipment and Provisions"

"Each country's sorcery is one of its most closely guarded secrets."
- Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents, entry #8

One idea I always liked is the notion that all the nations of the Old World have their own kind of sorcery they keep secret from outsiders - a sorcery that reflects the needs, culture and history of the country.

This would be the following:
- Brice
- Femphrey
- Gallantaria
- Lendleland
- Mauristatia
- Ruddlestone

(I will skip Analand as it is already covered by the main rules. Kakhabad will be skipped as it isn't really an unified nation.)

What this will be for now is just a brainstorming to get a basic grip on the concept of the individual sorceries, one thread at a time. Once all of the Old World is covered by a concept, I'll see what concrete stuff can be come up with.

Don't sweat overlap in spells, especially very basic ones. Ideas like the wheel or picking up a stick to whack someone have developed simultanously all around the world. Likewise, zapping someone with a lightning bolt is a very basic idea that is likely to be similarly popular.


The country
Lendleland is very wide, flat plains and little else. The only thing that really grows in abundance are horses (and fine horses they are). Other cattle might also play a strong role in Lendleland's economy.

Lendleland seems to be based on Russian steppe-dwelling peoples as Tatars or Kazaks.

They aren't exactly the Golden Horde - they have created a static nation of settlers, and there are barbarian horse-nomads that raid the settlements. However, they are certainly more rustic and savage than most of the other Old Worlders, and might not be averse to put their horses to use in warfare, as that is one of the few ways to make meaningful resources.

Essentially, think of cowboys and settled native americans, but with fur caps and cossack.

The spells of Lendleland
Lendle sorcery has its roots in the shamanism in ye olde days when Lendles were horse nomads, and the environment hasn't granted it much opportunity to turn more fancy.
This style of magic concerns itself mostly with the basic needs wilderness survival - creating water, preserving food, environmental protection, controlling animals, and some combat spells for good measure.
Travel and movement are also highly prized in a culture that roots in horse nomadism, and still needs to move herds from A to B as fast and safely as possible.

The components of Lendleland
Many components of Lendle sorcery still date back to old shamanistic days: Rattle sticks, drums, incense, body paint and mild drugs.

Others root in nature, and knowledge and superstition linked to it. A sorcerer from Lendle might use Solomon's Seal to open doors, Fly Agaric to raise strength, Beech to ward off missiles, Garlic to break enchantments or a dowsing rod of Hazel to find stuff.