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Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:35 am

While we're on the topic of magic types, we could expand Gruul's own personal magic style. We get to see six of his spells and learn that it is a mixture of magic, alchemy and physiology (paragraph 200). We get to see some notura monsters (the fogwalkers, the Extoplasmic lurker, the shocker and possibly Conrad - is he resurrected via notura?), we encounter some alchemy (mainly poisons) and magical items (the ethereal projector) and may see some other examples of his magic (for example, are the Jai Huluds' acrobatic skills examples of notura? Is the healing gem a notura magical item?

Finally, what makes the wards of notura what they are? The blood of a vampire, the chains of a demon, the mask of a deity of second life (no not that second life), the wooden hand of a criminal, the skull that promises immortality and a shroud. They all have a strong association with cheating death or life from death, so maybe notura is all about creating unnatural life?

The spells include a barrier that damages you, an energy beam, a luck draining curse, a memory wipe, hypnosis and mind reading and creating a huge nasty amoeba. Also, Gruul is able to heal a wound with notura if he fights the Corpse Master.

However, wizard spells are not supposed to restore stamina (for very good flavour and rules reasons) but maybe Gruul's notura healing only works on unnatural creatures such as himself. Normal humans could not benefit from it.

It could be fun to come up with a notura spell list.

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Re: Notura

Post by Nuvole! » Tue May 23, 2017 5:46 am

I guess it would be a new magic style.
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