AFF2 solos

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AFF2 solos

Post by Slloyd14 » Fri Dec 30, 2011 4:21 pm

How about gamebooks that use the AFF2 rules. This is something that I got from Tunnels and Trolls.

On the good side, you can roll up characters and test them out or give existing characters extra adventures and an experience boost.

However, the trouble is fitting in all occurrences into the gamebook. Some skills, spells and priestly powers may not be used. However, we could make some rules to fit in the gamebook.

Minor spells

Attraction - Gives a +1 bonus to bribery and conning.

Burn - serves as a tinderbox.

Glimmer - turns darkness into dim light for the purposes of hiding, spotting and disguising.

Honesty: Gives a -1 roll to any creature trying to con the hero.

Pucker - target can't drink potions and gets a -2 penalty to spellcasting.

Push - -2 penalty to any movement actions.

Repulsion - gives a -1 penalty to bribery and conning.

Ripen - makes one spoiled meal edible.

Slip - prevents one target from escaping.

Weather protection - ignore stamina loss from bad weather.

Wizard spells

Some spells can be used before or during a combat. they are:

Fear, Firebolt, Ironhand, Strength, Weakness, Consume, Force bolt, Mirror selves, Starry orb, Sleep, Strong arm, Grand illusion, Grow, Lightning blast, Restrain, Shrink, Banish undead, Cockroach, Petrify.

Other spells:

Darkness: Give bonuses to sneaking and hiding.

Glowing eyes: Produces light as glimmer and gives a +2 bonus to intimidation.

Ignite - as a tinderbox, but quicker. Also a good weapon against mummies.

Light - as a lantern.

Open - works as a successful locks check on a locked door or chest.

Tongue Twister - stops target using spells after the spell takes effect, not the current spell being cast.

Breach - also can be used to open a locked door or chest.

Levitate - gives a +6 bonus to climb checks and negates fall damage.

Sentry - stops the caster being surprised if they set the sentry before hand.

Fly - automatically succeeds at climb checks and negates fall damage.

Banish undead - automatically kills one undead creature.

Sorcerer spells

Can be used before or during combat: ZAP, HOT, LAW, DUM, BIG, WOK, RAZ, SIX, GOB, YOB, GUM, DOZ, POP, DIM, MUD, NIF, GAK, SAP, SUN, KIN, PEP, ROK, NIP, FIX, NIP, ZIP

JIG: Can only be used to escape combat without taking damage.

KIN: Can only be used if you are fighting one opponent.

FIX: Can only be used to escape combat without taking damage.

ZIP: Can be used to escape combat without taking damage.

FAR: Roll 1 die. On the roll of a 5-6, you see something relevant. You may look at one paragraph before turning to it.

ZED: Pick an AFF solo at random, then pick a paragraph at random and move on from there.

SUN: Can be used as a lantern.

ZEN: Can be used to succeed automatically at all climb rolls.

MAG: Only negates a spell cast after this spell. Can't be cast at the same time.

FAL: Negates fall damage.

DOP: Works as a successful roll on the locks skill.

Priest Powers

Can be used before or during combat: Protection, Smite, Bless, Bravery, Ill Luck, Banish, Weakness, Curse.

Some spells and abilities can only really fit in if prompted in the text such as ESP and TEL, Illusion and KID, RAP, YAP, Languages and Speak to Animals, Commune etc.

What do you all think? Any other things to think about when making an AFF solo?

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Post by torus » Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:16 am

I'd love to see such a book. Never having played a T&T solo, my only similar experience is with the Middle-earth Quest books produced by ICE, for which they provided guidelines on how to play using MERP and Rolemaster. It worked surprisingly well.

I think magic would indeed be tricky. It was handled well enough in Sorcery!, but was still far more restrictive than in a real tabletop game. Your suggestions seem sensible.

One good thing would be scope for making battles more interesting, by giving enemies different strategies which make use of the AFF2 rules.

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Re: AFF2 solos

Post by Nuvole! » Tue May 23, 2017 5:36 am

Did you make any further progress towards writing an AFF solo game?
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Re: AFF2 solos

Post by Slloyd14 » Tue May 23, 2017 8:55 am

I did write a short solo, but I did not allow magic in it: ... -solo.html

I would like to write more solos soon.

The problem with solos is thinking about the eventualities for every system. TnT got around this by making some of its older solos forbid magic. Others had magic matricies where you had to cast a spell and then turn to the matrix (which was like a big table) to see if casting that spell at that section lead to another section. I made a similar list with deluxe Tunnels and Trolls and came across the same problems as you - some spells that can be used in an RPG just cannot fit simply in a solo unless the writer of the solo thinks about it. As a solo writer, this adds an extra layer of headache as every time I come across a situation, I then have to think about the list of spells that I may haveto add an extra few sections for. If I do this for every situation, it can add up.

This is why I wrote SCRAWL, which is purely my own system, purely for solos. I came up with 36 abilities to fit almost any situation and then 15 spells (12 wizard and 3 priest), most of which allow to to reroll ability tests or act as substitutes for items (the bolt spell acts as a sling that doesn't miss). That way, I don't have to worry about spells - I just give a situation and let the player work out whether they want to use a spell or not. I never have to think about any spells or special items. There will be more powerful magic, but it is purely plot device area. It will only turn up when needed.

You can get SCRAWL for PWYW (including 0) here:

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Re: AFF2 solos

Post by SkinnyOrc » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:46 pm

Going to try this out over the weekend :)

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Re: AFF2 solos

Post by Dupont » Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:25 pm

I forget I played Tunnels and Trolls. We didn't play it for a massive amount of time, but we did play it quite heavily while we did, I have fond memories of it. Maybe have to try it again some time.
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