Wrestling, grappling etc.

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Wrestling, grappling etc.

Post by Nuvole! » Sun Mar 24, 2013 7:16 pm

I think this is a weak point of about all RPG rulesets: how do we manage unarmed combat especially when the aim of at least one fighter is NOT damaging the other (with fists, elbow, etc.) BUT to grapple / restrain.
This way a group of weaker creatures can potentially hold a much stronger one (SKILL wise) with sheer strength and numbers.

Not 100% sure how I can play this in a game...
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Re: Wrestling, grappling etc.

Post by d6&d6 » Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:00 am

I'll throw something here.

Unarmed combat as usual for the grappler vs his opponent. If the grappler sides win, he grapple. On the next rounds, opposed roll are made but both sides don't add their weapons skills but their unarmed skills and talents like strongarm or the such and modifiers like outnumbering if the grappler is part of a group against that opponent. If the grappler wins, he restrain his opponent. If the opponent wins, he's freed.

This could be done the same way as the second roll for a pin.

The restrained character is helpless while in this state if others want to hit him. Without the rulebook in front of me now, I don't know what maluses it implies but that's quite a disadvantage for the grappled one.

I know rounds last about 10 seconds and maybe the second roll should be before, but doing it this way looks to me in the spirit of AFF.
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