More Necromancy spells from FF books.

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More Necromancy spells from FF books.

Post by darksoul » Tue Jan 07, 2014 8:42 am

I meant to post this before Christmas as a gift for you guys.
I've been doing research on Khul since I'm running an adventure there. While going through all the books based in Khul, I decided to list the Necromancy spells I discovered along the way.
This isn't written out in a final draft and they are not adjusted to AFF2 standards(They are missing Magic point cost, duration and resisting the spell). I'll adjust them later time permitting.

Master of Chaos
Daggers of Darkness
Caverns of the Snow Witch

Khul Necromancy Spells

Taint Magical Entrance
This spell acts as a trap. When cast on a magical gateway, such as an area where a magical
portal exists or where individuals may passwall, causes the traveler to suffer 2 stamina points
1 skill point loss as they are poisoned.

Spell Binding
As the necromancer casts this spell, their eyes glow red and they stare at their
target. Their target is paralyzed and cannot move.

Mind Probe
The Necromancer can search a subjects mind for information

Rat Form
The Necromancer can assume the shape of a Rat

Snake Net
The Snake net spell releases a group of snakes at the target, they then turn into a
net and entangle the target, tightening around the target, preventing them form moving.

Dragon Form
The caster of this spell turns themselves into a dragon with Skill:11 Stamina:14

Lightning Bolt
Same as the Force Bolt spell

Illusionary Animal
The subject of this illusion will believe that they are being attacked by an animal
or animals and all damage they receive will feel real. The spell requires some animals to already
be in the area and those animals will be seen as some other kind of larger animal. Ie:rats will look like
panthers. Damage received is the equivalent of the illusionary animal type, not the real animal.

Rise from Dust
Upon casting this spell the caster becomes part of the ground in the shape of dust. At his time of
choosing he may rise from the dust and reveal himself.

Shadow emergence
Similar to the Rise from the Dust spell, the caster arises from a shadow or where darkness exists.
This spell allows the caster to travel along shadows as well.

Summon Fanged Worm

Spellbreaking is the process of removing or destroying powerful spells. how spellbreaking is done
varies. It usually involves the destruction of a powerful magical relic. This is often a slow process and
requires the spellcaster to research the relic in order to find ways to destroy it.

Mark of the necromancer
The necromancer casts this spell on a target, leaving a visible mark on them (usually the forehead).
At a time of their choosing, the Necromancer can attempt to control the target and make them make
them a servant you a servant. The target becomes a servant on a failed test of luck.

Mummy Arm –
The target of this spell suddenly has a mummy arm grappling them. The target loses 1 skill and each
round the target must roll 1d6. On roll of 1-3, target suffers 1 stamina damage.

Undead Form
This is used as an escape or travel spell. The necromancer casts the undead form and temporarily turns
themselves into a spectral undead allowing them to fly away and even pass through walls. No combat is

Necromancer powers over environment (From Daggers if Darkness)
These spells only increase existing factors in the environment. If it snows, it will snow more.
Along with the effect of increasing the weather, the creator of these spells can create an image
of themselves through the clouds, or by whispers and speak at the targets caught in the

Control Wind
Increases the wind so that is kicks up dirt and any debris. This may cause any
caught in the wind to lose their way since they cannot see ahead of them.

Control Snow
This spell cause snow to increase, increasing difficulty of any traveler(causing
them stamina loss). The if the subject is already lethargic or exhausted, the increased snow can cause
targets to die in the snow.


Shaking Mountain
If there are lose boulders on the mountain, this spell will cause them to be
freed and hurtle down the mountain. Any subjects near the mountain must test their luck or
lose 4st and 1 skill by being hit by a boulder.

Tidal Wave
When close to a large body of water, the caster hits the floor causing a tremor effect that create a
tsunami sweeping away everything in the area. targets must test their luck or drown.

Death Spells (This section is supposed to detail the variety of death spells available to

Daggers of Darkness
A Dagger of Darkenss is a magically imbued dagger that utterly destroys its victim. Once struck by the
Dagger, the victim will die in a short amount of time as it's poison goes thru him. Once dead, the body
dissolves along with all the victims possessions.
Should a person only be nicked by a Dagger of Darkness but not killed, they are poisoned
having a limited amount to time live. If the dagger is returned to the person who cast the
spell, then the poison is removed.

The Death Spell(From Caverns of the Snow Witch)
The victim of the Death Spell suffers a slow death as their life is drained from them.

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Re: More Necromancy spells from FF books.

Post by bottg » Wed Jan 15, 2014 6:16 pm


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Re: More Necromancy spells from FF books.

Post by darksoul » Mon Jan 20, 2014 5:38 am

Glad you liked it! I have quite a bit more information I gleamed from the books but not all necromancy based. I'll post some more of that stuff later.
Btw, there was a spectral dart spell in one of the books, Master of Chaos I think. The main villain casts a spectral dart at you but the one in the book did 6 dmg. Was this the inspiration for the spectral dart in AFF?

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