Influence Skills

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Influence Skills

Post by Phantomdoodler » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:00 am

The Knowledge skill group seems to encompass a lot of skills. Thats not usually a problem but anyone with the Learned talent gains a flat +2 bonus to all of them, which seems rather generous. I was thinking of creating a sixth skill category:

Influence Skills
Influence skills involve the characters persuasive or coercive ability. Particularly charismatic characters may have high levels in such skills:


New Influence Skills

Carousing is the skill of drinking, gambling and enjoying yourself, while still remaining in control of a social situation. It can be tested against when engaging in a drinking contest, while attempting to gain information by plying someone with drink, or trying to win a ship over an evenings gambling. Carousing is often opposed test, and can be modified by a number of factors, although if drinking is involved, the strength of the alcohol is an important factor (weak ales may provide a -1 penalty while an Orcish or Dwarfish Ale could provide up a a -6 penalty. For gambling attempts, the stake should factor highly. High stakes games where everything is on the line can be a lot more stressful than a friendly wager.

Heroes with this Special Skill are able to entertain a crowd, with singing, juggling, playing an instrument, storytelling, acting, dancing or other forms of performance. Successful tests will prove profitable (gaining 1-6 GP from a successful evening or afternoon performance), while rolling double six could end up insulting the crowd and leading to a riot! Other than attempting to make money, this Special Skill can be used to impress a target, possibly coaxing information from them, especially if they appreciate the performing arts.

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