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Looking for answers. [Combat]

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:11 pm
by darksoul
Been away for a bit. Good to be back!

I just tested out my new home rules combat system and a few things popped up I'd like advise on.

1. When does movement in combat take place?
I'm using a map and tokens for battle. Does the 2 meter movement occur after, before or during.
Example, Two characters are approaching each other to fight in melee. Character "A" is 2 meters away, he moves into melee range to fight. Character "B" hasn't moved yet. Does combat occur as soon as in melee range or do I wait for Character "B" to make his move?
Should I say that combat occurs as long as they are in range of one another and movement can occur any time
before after or during the melee?

2. Does drawing weapons or shield take a round?
Example: Player loses his weapon because of a fumble. Next round he decides to draw a secondary weapon.
Can he draw and attack the same round?
Can he draw and fight defensively?
Can he draw a weapon and shield, and fight defensively?

3. Since priest spells can occur under almost any condition, can they be cast while in melee or using any combat ability? (Sorcerers and Wizards can't, but the priest section states that almost nothing can stop a priest power effect)

4. I had a 2 priests of logaan fighting each other.
One used the special ability to return the effects of the round on the other priest at the end of the round. Then other priest did the same thing back on him. I'm thinking this is an illegal action.
Step 1.Both attack each other Roll attack roll
Step 2.Winner rolls Damage roll, loser makes armour roll.
Step 3 post combat actions, loser uses Logaan priest special ability, putting all damage back on winner.
Step 4 Winner uses logaan priest special ability putting all damage back on loser.
This means that the winning priest is reacting to the losing priests reaction. Which I don't think should be allowed. Does this sound right?

Re: Looking for answers. [Combat]

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:46 am
by darksoul
One more thing to ask,

All out attack:
Do characters determine how much they are willing to sacrifice before or after the roll?