Weapons and options for ranged weapon combatants

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Weapons and options for ranged weapon combatants

Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Sep 21, 2014 4:37 pm

Hi all,

When I ran my short session at Fighting Fantasy Fest, I had a sorcerer, an archer and a wizard in my group. Since it was a short session, there were only 2 opportunities for combat and because of that, the archer was quite outclassed by the lightning bolts and fireballs of the sorcerer and wizard. I know that over a long session, the sorcerer's stamina will be depleted (as it was in the) short session - he had to eat two meals and drink a potion of stamina) and the wizard's magic score will also be depleted, but at first the archer could not compete with the HOT or Lightning Blast spells.

Here are some new actions available to ranged combatants:

Aim: If the archer spends a round preparing their bow, then the next round, they will get a +2 bonus on their shot. This only works if done for 1 round. Aiming for longer does not provide a bigger bonus.

Called shot: This action is done at a -1 penalty, but if the archer succeeds in hitting their target they get a +1 bonus to their damage roll.

Crippling shot: This action is done at a -3 penalty, but if the archer hits their target, they can reduce the skill of their target by 1 for 1d6 rounds.

Disarming shot: This action is done at a -5 penalty, but it the archer hits their target, they will shoot the weapon out of their hand (although it will cause no damage).

Here are some superior ranged weapons to help out the archer. I have used the word arrow, but they could also apply to bolts, daggers and javelins as well:

Superior items (not magical)

Silver arrow
Cost: 10gp each
Description: These items are not magical, but they do cause damage to werewolves, vampires and other creatures that are only harmed by silver.

Barbed arrow
Cost: +3gp for 20
Description: These vicious arrows get a +1 on damage rolls.

Armour piercing arrow
Cost: +3gp for 20
Description: These arrows ignore armour when they hit an opponent.

Buzzing arrows
Cost: +2gp for 20.
Description: These arrows make a frightening noise when fired.

Minor magical ammo (level 1 enchantment needed)

Fire arrow
Cost: 5gp each
Description: This arrow will explode on impact, causing an additional 1d3 fire damage. It may set flammable targets alight.

Arrow of Distance
Cost: 3gp each
Description: These arrows can be fired at twice their normal range and suffer no penalty for being fired at medium or long range.

Arrows of Accuracy
Cost: 5gp each
Description: These arrows reduce any penalty that the archer may suffer by 4.

Rapid Arrows
Cost 3gp each
Description: If an archer fires two rapid arrows off, they may use the rapid shot tactic without a penalty and also roll 1d6 for damage (see page 64 of the rulebook). If one arrow is rapid and the other is not, the penalties are normal.

Force arrow
Cost: 3gp each
Description: If the archer hits the target with a force arrow and the target is around the same size and weight as a human being, they will also be pushed back 2m (as with the Push Back action).

Trinkets (level 3 enchantment needed)

Splitting arrow
Cost: 500gp for 6
Description: When fired, this arrow will split into 3 separate arrows that can be directed to any number of targets. A more powerful version of this arrow needs a level 5 enchantment and costs 1000gp for 6 splits into 12 separate arrows (as seen in the Zagor Chronicles book 3 which had an awesome archer).

Magebane Arrows
Cost: 500gp for 6
Description: A magebane arrow is able to overcome any magical defence someone may have, including ward, WAL, FOF or wall spells. It will not destroy the magical defence, merely ignore it.

Bleeding Arrow
Cost: 500gp for 6
Description: A bleeding arrow will make anyone it wounds lose 1 stamina point per round until they have restored at least 1 stamina point through magical healing or if someone with the heal skill performs a successful heal check on them.

Enchanted items (level 5 on enchantment needed)

Returning weapon
Cost 1000gp
Description: This enchantment can only be cast on a throwing weapon. Whether it hits or not, it will return to the thrower's hand to be used the next round.

Unnering arrows
Cost: 750gp for 6
Description: If an archer fires one of these arrows at a target, they do not need to make a roll. They will automatically hit, regardless of penalties against the archer. The only way to avoid one is to have their whole body hidden behind something that can provide protection (such as a wall or a trench).

Any more to add...?

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Re: Weapons and options for ranged weapon combatants

Post by darksoul » Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:29 am

I think you got a pretty full list there.

I would add "Broadhead" Arrows. I have them give the opponent +1 on his armour roll table, but you get to roll +1 on the damage roll table. They have 15% less distance then regular arrows. As a benefit, the RAZ spell can be cast on them as well.

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