Low magic AFF2 rules part 2: No flashy magic

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Low magic AFF2 rules part 2: No flashy magic

Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:54 pm

In this version, magic is more common than NPCs only having magic, but there are no spells that deal direct damage or produce obvious physical effects. Here is a list of spells that can be used.

Minor spells: Attraction, Hear, Honesty, Inebriate, Instil, Mistake, Repulsion, Sober, Weather Protection.

Wizard spells: Befuddle, Fear, Ironhand, Peace, Strength, Tongue Twister, Weakness, Breathe, Combine, Concentrate, Counterspell, Darksee, Ensure, ESP, Farseeing, Languages, See Through, Sentry, Strong Arm, Sure Shot, Where's Home, Command, Find, Poison, Speak to Animals, See Future, Banish Undead, Raise Skeleton.


Priest abilities: Protection, Smite, Bless, Bracery, Ill-Luck, Ward, Banish, Weakness, Commune, Curse, Sanctuary, Incite.

God abilities: Sindla, Libra, Asrel, Usrel, Courga, Fourga, Telak, Hamaskis, Verlang, Solinthar, Fulkra, Logaan, Slangg, Disease, Tanit.

Necromancy spells: Tomb Rot, Chill of the Grave, Eyes of the Ghoul, Call of the Underworld, Raise Undead, Transcend Death

Battle Magic: Reinforce Walls, Protection, Disrupt, Fear, Hasten, Antimagic

All Mask Magic spells.

All Tattooing.

All Conjuration spells.

All Enchanting spells.

Chaos Magic: The random spell tables will get very messy. I'm not going to make a new one, so there.

Naval Sorcery: AIR, EYE, WAT, NAV, SER

Some of them are disputable (spells that cause strength? Curse? Poison?

Some of the lists are now very small. I suggest combining wizard spells, necromancy spells and battle magic spells. I would also suggest combining sorcery and naval sorcery. If I wanted to go really extreme, you could turn all sorcery and naval sorcery spells into wizard spells and put them all under magic.

Items: You could allow items to do crazy stuff, or not. choose whether it fits with the allowed spells.

Adventures: Magic users are far less useful in combat now. They are useful more with social interaction or gaining information. They have a few protection spells, but that's it.

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Re: Low magic AFF2 rules part 2: No flashy magic

Post by SkinnyOrc » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:27 pm

I suspect if there was no damage causing magic the end result might be players who wanted to use magic always choosing wizard/warriors rather than dedicated wizards. The problem is if you had a full on wizard under those rules you'd have nothing much to do every time there was a fight, which would get kind'a boring. I guess they could come up with imaginative ways to keep the enemy occupied until the warrior types got around to killing them but that might not be enough for a lot of people.

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Re: Low magic AFF2 rules part 2: No flashy magic

Post by Nuvole! » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:27 pm

Under this point of view magic users do become (should become) mostly controlling characters, rather than anything elkse. This way you need to have interesting people tocontrol and a setting that penalizes direct violence and supports more relationsl / investigational games.
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