The magic of racism!

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The magic of racism!

Post by GreatArc » Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:51 pm

Haha, sorry, couldn't resist!

So the rulebook states that Players can assign up to 7 points to their character's MAGIC characteristic, correct?

Would this mean that an elf's racial bonus of +1 to MAGIC means that they may only assign 6 points to MAGIC for a beginning total of 7?

OR, if I understand correctly,

Would this mean that an elf may assign 7 points to MAGIC, and begin with a total of 8?

If this is the case, is there any compelling reason to choose anything other than an elf if you wanted to run a high magic build character?

I understand most are unlikely to dump the full 7 of their 8 points in this direction, but just trying to understand if there's a higher starting max for elves than humans?

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Re: The magic of racism!

Post by SkinnyOrc » Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:09 am

Yeah from memory it says somewhere that racial modifiers are extra to the usual limits. So a full on elven wizard can get one point more MAGIC starting out, and the example Wizard in the book is maxed out like that. Unlike the example Priest and Sorcerer who definitely aren't!

As far as anyone wanting to be a wizard choosing an elf, well yes. But the extra MAGIC point doesn't make that much difference, much less than an extra SKILL point makes to someone who'll be fighting hand to hand. Plus I'm for limiting how often you get PC elves anyway.

By the way, is the best elf sourcebook I know of, for any system, free or paid (and it's free). Much of it can easily be used for Titan elves, including the stuff about why some elves join groups of human adventurers and how they view it. The print version is just higher res, you can't tell the difference on screen unless you zoom right in.

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