Error in the Monster Damage Table?

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Error in the Monster Damage Table?

Post by GreatArc » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:38 pm

Hello all, wondering if you could clear something up for me?

I am looking at the monster damage tables in Chapter 3 (page 60), where it shows damage tables for Bite/Claw Small, Large & Very Large.

So Medium is missing or not used, fine.

However, countless monsters in the out of the pit tables (and including the 'Puddlejumper' monster Graham designs for us (page 120) specifically has chosen a Medium Bite as its form of attack. How do I reconcile this sheer and utter madness?

1.) Can anyone explain the 'missing' Medium Monster Damage Table to me?

2.) Can I sue over this? And if so, would I be suing for damages for damages?

Better Call Saul,
-Thanks in advance!

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