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The Cthulhu Hack

Post by PaulB » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:15 am

The Cthulhu Hack is a game of investigation; characters battling the sanity-shattering horrors of Lovecraftian gods and monsters. With an elegant dice mechanic and fast, player-focussed gameplay, The Cthulhu Hack is designed for quick and easy pick-up play.

Ordinary people dragged into strange and supernatural situations, The Cthulhu Hack tests muscle, mind and mettle in the face of pernicious cultists and incomprehensible monsters.

Based on the hugely popular The Black Hack and the works of H P Lovecraft, The Cthulhu Hack uses a simple dice mechanic to emulate the dwindling investigative resources available to those intrepid sorts willing to put their lives and reputations on the line in pursuit of the Unmentionable and Unthinkable.
The Cthulhu Hack offers a clean, simple, and unfussy approach to Lovecraftian investigative horror that feels refreshing compared to similar RPGs. --- Reviews from R'yleh
Available now through DriveThruRPG and in physical form through All Rolled Up


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Re: The Cthulhu Hack

Post by D.Athair » Fri Oct 06, 2017 11:23 am

I've written kind of a mixture between review, game description and play experience in German.

TCH is a great game. Some concepts are, however, hard to grasp.

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