Kickstarter Launched!

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Kickstarter Launched!

Post by bottg » Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:30 pm

Slightly later than anticipated, i can announce here that the Kickstarter for my latest game has launched: ... f-ur-turuk

Featuring a ruleset based on the classic D6 rules from West End Games, fantastic atmospheric art from a celebrated artist, multiple characters per player and a totally flexible magic system.

I won't repeat here all of the information from the KS page, but it is worth mentioning that the manuscript and big chunks of the art will be finished by the end of the funding campaign.

After a week away with work, i am back and on the case. More to follow soon...

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Re: Kickstarter Launched!

Post by Bifford » Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:36 pm

Kickstarter pledged, stretch goals smashed up to 5k! :D


£3000 Set of pdf maps of Ur-Turuk itself, the surrounding regions and a building suitable for housing a Vahnam. The larger maps will be in colour and will be high-resolution suitable for poster printing.

£4000 A pdf adventure to get you started, and a pdf set of paper miniatures to bring the game to life on your table!

£5000 The Setting guide will be written by very early 2015, and a pdf sent free to all backers. Physical product backers will then receive a discount coupon to order the printed book from RPGNow should they so desire. Some leatherbounds of the Setting book will also be available.
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