Sumptuary Laws

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Sumptuary Laws

Post by Jay_NOLA » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:21 pm

Some quick questions regarding sumptuary laws.

1.) Do investigators have any sort of special status regarding the stumptuary laws just by investigators for a patron regardless of the class they original came from before getting a patron. They seem to have a good bit of power in some cases from what I can see by doing what is needed to resolve a problem. So if they have a special status what restrictions for clothing and diet do the have?

2.) doing the running of a game should I point out stuff in regards to the stuptuary laws when players interact with NPCs and in general descriptions to help show the class differences? Has anyone done this to help set the mood?

3.)How do suptuary laws work if a character of a lower class has to dine with one of a higher class? The lower class character under law as I understand it would not be allowed to eat certain foods, which could end up being the entire served meal, because the laws say he or she can't eat that food for being a lower class.

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