Errors in the Adventure in the North Yorkshire Moors Book

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Errors in the Adventure in the North Yorkshire Moors Book

Postby Jay_NOLA » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:20 pm

Noticed some errors in the North Yorkshire Moors the Lythe Legend adventure.

1.) Several characters have Round Shields but the damage given for most of the NPC who have one in their stats is given as 3D6 for them when it ought to be 1D6.

2.) In the Sandsend (Fisherman’s Hut) section Tanguy is called Tunguy in one part of the text.

3.) The adventure has 2 characters called Tanguy. Stats are different for both. The Cast of Characters section only lists one. Also, since 2 characters have the same name and they are both part of the raiding party they can be easily mixed up.

4.) Airell stats says he has a spear, but the text under his stats says he has sword and make no mention of him carrying a spear. The exact type of sword is also not mentioned.

5.) Gada is called Wada in the Local Folklore section of Lythe on p. 15 (17 in the PDF). What his correct name is is not given.

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