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Calm of the Storm - SOLD OUT

Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 9:53 am
by PaulB
The Maelstrom adventure on Sunday at the UK Game Expo in Birmingham has officially sold out. I better not forget to bring those character sheets with me then...

Product ID:RPG101
Type: Role Playing Games
Day: Sunday
Price: £3.00
Start time: 10:00:00 - End Time: 14:00:00
Maximum Players: 6
Game System: Maelstrom

Game Description:
Jovian Colony Seven, at the edge of system space, depends on the rich reservoirs of cebian gas in the atmosphere to finance the essentials. Manned rigs seek out pockets of the gas, then gather and refine them for shipping back to the Core Worlds. As your cargo ship arrived in system, the Mayor of Colony Seven has a proposition to make and a plea for assistance. In return for free fuel, maintenance and berthing, he asks you to visit Rig C and provide assistance as all communications have been lost for three days...