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Maelstrom Classic Fantasy

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:16 pm
by bottg
And our first new release during our Birthday sale is a Maelstrom book....with a difference:

Maelstrom Classic Fantasy

The Maelstrom Roleplaying Game is a cult classic. Originally published in the 1980’s, but revived for the modern era, this ruleset is incredibly versatile.

This book brings a whole new direction to your Maelstrom games. Get your Warriors, Thief, Wizard and Cleric together and enter dark and dangerous dungeons. Track through ancient forests as Elven Heroes or through vast caverns as stout Dwarves.

This toolkit for the Maelstrom RPG provides character creation rules, new Magic rules, equipment and a whole menagerie of monsters!

Requires the Maelstrom RPG core book.
The Maelstrom Companion will also prove useful.

Only $3.50 during the sale ... sy-Toolkit


Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:16 pm
by bottg
Hard copies coming to our webstore very soon

Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:32 pm
by bottg
MCF is currently 5th in the RPGNow top 100.....Wow.......


Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:52 pm
by Grail
Here's my review of the Toolkit.

Firstly, let me just say, about time. :lol: Maelstrom is great, but occasionally you want to change from fighting off bandits and assassins in 16th century England to hunting down dragons and stealing their loot. This toolkit allows that with a minimum of fuss.

It says Classic Fantasy on the cover and Classic Fantasy is what it delivers. It is reminiscent of the early days of fantasy gaming, providing a quicker, less complex styled game with a level of grittiness that the modern games have forgotten or purposefully ignored. This is obviously due to the Core Maelstrom Mechanic, but the upgrade to magic, races and classes from the historical to the fantastic does not change the mechanical aspect of the game, just the feel and setting.

The layout is nice and easy to read and broken up into

The races are simple. Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling. All balance nicely against each other, and its very easy to use these races as templates to add your own if you want to go down that way, such as the ubiquitous Half-Orc or Gnome.

Classes replace the livings from original Maelstrom and include the genre staples of Fighter, Thief, Wizard, Priest (Cleric), Assassin, Ranger and Paladin. These classes retain the feel and integrity of the classes from other classic games over the years. The great thing is that they all seem very balanced against each other. It would have been nice if a mechanic was included to incorporate the original livings and allow characters to upgrade from one of those to a professional adventurer, but that's a mild oversight if one at all. Perhaps I just like farmer joe turned heroic dragon slayer?

The new combat options are good, easy to use and flavorful. Though I will probably limit the individual options to specific classes to better define the classes, but like my thoughts on livings to classes, this is something easily overlooked or house-ruled.

The best bit of the toolkit in my opinion is the Classic Fantasy Magic definitions. Magic has been broken up into various schools and each wizard can choose from three. Again, magic is left fairly open-ended, though a little more structured with the schools defining loosely what can and can't be done with each Grade of spell. Corruption has also been included for the school of Necromancy, and I love magic that corrupts. There would also be no problems just using the original magic system for a less wizz-bang and more subtle styled magic.

Plenty of fantasy standard monsters have been included in the toolkit as well as a number of generic NPC's such as Guard, Guild Wizard and Merchant.

The toolkit can also be used not just to play fantasy games, but to include a darker, fantastic edge to your normal Maelstrom games. Need an undead spirit to harass the priest and his allies in the abandoned church? There's the stats for the Wraith. Want to have a guild of wizards that are dallying in dark magics? Well then allow them access to Necromancy.

Of course, I said that the best thing was the Fantasy Magic, well I lied. The best bit is clearly the price. For what you get, it's more of a steal than my Halfling Thief could manage. :D

I can't wait to get my playgroup using this for some old school dungeon crawls and dragon slaying.

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:15 pm
by bottg
With less than 2 days left in our 7th Birthday sale, we have just managed to release the Bestiary for Maelstrom Classic Fantasy in time. More than 70 new monsters, from the mildly dangerous to the lethal, and from the friendly to the rabid. And with 30% off, you can get this great addition to the Maelstrom Classic Fantasy system for just over $2. But only for a couple more days. So to take advantage of the discount, or to make sure you qualify for the free gifts, get over to RPGNow without delay: ... y-Bestiary


Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:36 pm
by bottg
I now have in my posession, the first batch of MCF books:


The 128 pages contain:
Maelstrom Classic Fantasy Toolkit
MCF Bestiary
Purple Mushroom Caves

Includes free copies of all 3 pdf's as well!

[If you have already bought the pdf of one or more of these, drop us an email and we can offer a small discount]

I only have a limited number at the moment however.......