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GM Card Aids - Magic

Post by Bifford » Wed Jul 09, 2014 10:19 pm

Hi hi!

So, my PbF game is nearing a close (it's been an interesting ride). I gave the guys an option for an easy out as they did the beast a really nasty wound in the very first arrow shot (crit vs failure; hind leg useless for a round and infected) but instead they decided to press the advantage and also to actually roleplay to the end. Go them! :)

So magic properly came into play, and using the rulebook I discovered the magic section really could have done with several extra headings after the Grade of Spell table saying something like "The Process of casting" or similar to pinpoint where it tells me the mechanics for casting and losing will and breach possibilities.

It also got me thinking - the two GM quick-check cards I received as part of the kickstarter are brilliant, but are actually missing the most vital Magic Process data!

So, Graham, do you have the template you used for those two cards please? I'd like to make one to complement the "Spell Grades" card, with the following on it:

Casting Magic

* Knowledge saving throw to know the spell. Use grade table if level higher than ability;
* Will saving throws, one per level of spell. All must succeed. Critical rolls produce bonus effects;
* Any 0's during the saving throws? Note how many;
* If all Will saving throws succeed: roll 1d6 per level of spell. Will drops by this amount temporarily;
* If any Will saving throw fails: roll 1d10 per failed Will test. Will drops by this amount temporarily;
* If any Will saving throw fumbled, roll an additional 1d10 per fumble;

Maelstrom Breach Probability

* Chance of a breach is regional. Normal chance is 1%;
* Add the number of 0's rolled during the Will saves to the current breach chance;
* Roll to see if there is a breach;
* Consult breach table if one occurs using the dice roll and column one to determine event;
* Reverse dice roll numbers, consult column two of table to determine change to breach base chance;
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