Rolling method HR

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Rolling method HR

Post by Logon » Tue May 24, 2011 4:44 pm

Instead of rolling 2d6 and adding or comparing to a value,

Roll 1 negative D6 and 1 positive D6 (chose different colors)
The result is the lowest one (in absolute value)
In case of tie the result is 0.
Then add the result to your value (SKILL, etc.)

For instance:
-6 and 4 = 4
-2 and 3 = -2
-4 and 4 = 0
-6 and 5 = 5 = critical
-5 and 6 = -5 = fumble

Probabilities are the same as 2D6.

Obviously this method is exclusively a roll-over or equal one.

The average difficulty is 7 (or whatever you think should be the average stat)

For instance:
Bob SKILL 8 vs Tim SKILL 9
Bob rolls -4 and 3 = 3 ===> 3+8=11
Tim rolls -1 and 2 = -1 ===> -1+9 = 8
So Bob wins.

Because this is a 0 centered method rolls are not mandatory.
We know that Bob has SKILL 8 on the average.
We know that Tim has SKILL 9 on the average.
We could for instance roll for Bob and consider that the result of Tim is simply his SKILL of 9.
In this way opposed and unopposed checks mechanisms are statistically the same.

The same logic may work with every kind of situation (perception, traps, trading, etc..... )
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Re: Rolling method HR

Post by Nuvole! » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:31 am

Actually this was the game mechanics of a 1987 gamebook by Andrea Angiolino ( called "In cerca di fortuna" (In search of fortune), one of the very first that was written and published in Italian (i.e. not a translation).
It was used also in his RPG Orlando Furioso as the basic game mechanic.
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