Elemental gems

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Elemental gems

Post by Slloyd14 » Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:08 pm

In contrast to the chaos gems in my other post, the elemental gems can be gems that the heroes could use to stop the owners of the Chaos gems.

Each gem is a level 5 magical item and is the object of a quest. They can provide its bearer with great powers. They can also be inset into another magical item called the Sceptre of the Spectrum. The more gems that are inset in the Sceptre of the Spectrum, the more powerful it becomes.

I think an adventure where the heroes have to find magical gems and implant them into another item in order to bring about a big change is an idea that would really catch on. Maybe they will make a film about it. Or, as a twist, give the quest to the villain.

Each gem has a static ability that it grants to the owner.
Each gem has a particular power. Using the power drains 2 Magic Points, or, if the character has no Magic Points, 2 STAMINA points.
Each gem can also indicate the location of the nearest elemental gem or chaos gem as if the wielder could cast the Find wizard spell at will (but only as far as elemental and chaos gems are concerned.

Air gem

Found on: The top of a very tall mountain.
Static ability: +2 to any escaping roll on foot.
Power: Allows the bearer to create a gust of wind as the priest of Pangara special ability (AFF 94).

Earth gem

Found in: The centre of a giant forest.
Static ability: +1 to armour rolls.
Power: Allows the bearer to create an earthquake as a priest of the Throff special ability (AFF 93)

Fire gem

Found in: A volcanic cave.
Static ability: +1 to damage rolls.
Power: Allows the bearer to create a flame as a priest of Filash special ability (AFF 93)

Water gem

Found in: A remote island.
Static ability: +2 to Swimming rolls.
Power: Creates enough water for up to 6 people to drink in a day or can extinguish a fire as if casting the OUT Naval Sorcery spell (Blacksand 9)

The Sceptre of the Spectrum

Found in: The centre of a VERY large dungeon.

The sceptre can act as a mace. It has powers depending on how many gems are inset into it. These powers are cumulative.

0 gems: The sceptre counts as an enchanted mace.
1 gem: +1 SKILL
2 gems: The sceptre deals double damage to any opponent with a Chaos score of 1 or more or any opponent with the word "Chaos" in the title.
3 gems: The bonuses from the static abilities from the gems are doubled and the cost of the powers are halved.
4 gems: The sceptre can create light. At the cost of 1 Magic Point or 1 Stamina point, it can create a light that lasts for 4 hours OR it can create a light that acts like the light that a priest of Glatanka can make (AFF 93) EXCEPT it affects opponents with a Chaos score of 1 or more or opponents with the word "Chaos" in the title instead of undead or demons. This lasts for 4 rounds.

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Re: Elemental gems

Post by Lorian » Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:27 am

I love it!
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Re: Elemental gems

Post by Dawndeath » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:33 am

This and the Chaos Gems - great ideas, both. 8)

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Re: Elemental gems

Post by Catweazle » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:41 pm

A splendid set of magics, that practically beg for a campaign to be built around them.
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Re: Elemental gems

Post by Ruffnut » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:53 am

Absolutely amazing! If used in a campaign it would be cool to be given the sceptre at the start, so your weapon powers up with time
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