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Newbie wishlist

Post by mrflibble » Sat Jun 07, 2008 1:38 am

I have just started buying Grahams fantastic mini sets, and being greedy, have thought of a few ideas for future sets that i don't think anyone else has mentioned.

Orientals 2
mounted Samurai
Ashigaru spearmen, archers and arquebusiers
Daimyo on foot and mounted

Mostly mounted Figures with a handful of foot soldiers and mainly armed with bows, the Mongols favoured weapon. They would also look good in fantasy RPG's.

Being a fan of the 3/4 Musketeer films i would love a set like this.
Several Musketeers to represent the main characters from the books/movies and to represent generic Musketeers.
Cardinals Guardsmen
Cardinals Guard Captain
and figures to represnt characters such as Cardinal Richelieux, Rochefort, and Milady de Winter.

Vietnam war
Perhaps a Huey helicopter gunship could be included?

I'd also like to see archer figs for the Saxon, Crusader, and Greek sets. Archers seem to get poorly represented in plastic mini's, so it would be nice to see the above included in a future set or as freebies.


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Post by bottg » Sat Jun 07, 2008 8:34 pm

Hi and welcome to the forums!

I will start with your last point first (Archers). I doubt there will be a second saxon or norman set, so i will add archers for those to the bonus area as soon as possible. As far as the greeks go, you should see more along those lines before the end of the year, although i can't say much more now.

Orientals II:
This is definately on the cards. One of the few chances i get to play anymore is a quarterly 24-hour game, which is currently an Oriantal Rolemaster campaign. And i get constant pestering there for more orientals, so i am going to try and squeeze that into the schedule before the autumn.
At the moment i am undecided whether to lump the mongols in with the orientals or not.....

I hadn't considered this yet! However, i have considered a french expansion for the Maelstrom game, which would work, so this is a real possibility.

I have two Vietnam sets planned, although their eta is next year. There will almost certainly be a Huey with that!

Keep the suggestions coming. We base a lot of our prioritisation on customer requests and suggestions.


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Post by Photoner Hawkwind » Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:12 am

I would like to buy a Mongol set too.

The Mustket teer set sounds very appealing and I'll look forward to the Viet Nam sets next year.

Thanks for helping our miniature games passions.
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