Adritch's Thugs For Hire

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Adritch's Thugs For Hire

Post by Lorian » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:41 pm

Aldritch’s Thugs For Hire
Owner: Aldritch Silmson
Location: Kaad
Aldritch Silmson
Skill: 6
Stamina: 12
Armour: Leather Hauberk
Luck: 10
Magic: 0
Magic Points: 0
Common: 4
Stewardship: 4
Clubs: 3
Strength: 2
Brawling: 3
Stealth: 2
Jump: 2
Climb: 2
Weapon Master

Aldrich Silmson is a old, short Dwarf. He has been running this business most of his lifetime after his father passed away and he inherited it. He rents out Thugs and hitmen to Thieves, Assassins and other shady figures. He supplies both normal, disposal Thugs and veteran Hitmen/Mercenaries. He doesn't take kindly to Warriors in Kaad and he will either send his thugs to offer them a job, and if they reject it, dispose of them.
Aldritch’s Thugs For Hire
Owner: Aldritch Silmsom
Grade 6 Organisation
Maintenance: 4gp / Month
Rent: 12gp / Month
Income: 16x
Income Modifier: 5x
Staff: 40

You can hire out his organization for 12gp per month. This will be able to be used as you see fit, although nothing suicidal. You can hire out a normal Thug with Skill: 6, Stam: 14, Clubs: 2, Club, Leather Curisis for 3cp a day. You can also hire out a Hitman/Verteren for 3sp a day. They have Skill: 7, Stamina: 16, Luck: 8, Clubs/Swords: 3, Club/Sword, Chainmail Curisis. The normal Thugs will happily fight in a mass battle unit, but the Veteran/Hitmen will only command units.
Skill: 6
Stamina: 14
Leather Curisis
Clubs: 2
Moral: 6

Skill: 7
Stamina: 16
Chainmail Curisis
Luck: 8
Swords/Clubs: 3
Moral: 10
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