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Maelstrom Gothic

Post by D.Athair » Fri Oct 06, 2017 1:41 am

I've built my first character:

Colm Edmond Ó Gallchobhair, 33, irish, working class
Reporter, Cabman II, Student, Teacher (with wonderful events - of which I got nine :mrgreen: )

Once again I've experienced the beauty that is a character generated by dice rolls and imagination.
(As previously seen in WFRP or Traveller.)

In the process I stumbled over the differences of the abilities' descriptions on the sheet of Hugh Foale and the ones in chapter 2.
On the sheet there are bonuses of +5, in the chapter there aren't.

Furthermore I found the Psychology Ranks puzzling:
I Can recognise and diagnose common mental problems and insanities.
II Can treat common problems and insanities.
III +10 to Saving Throws
IV Can recognise and diagnose common mental problems and insanities.
V Can treat common problems and insanities.
VI +25 to Saving Throws

What's the difference between I and IV, the difference between II and V?

And then: Why doesn't the Cabman learn Driving within his career?

And some errata:
I rolled a 93 on the Physical Event Table. But the number isn't on the list.

I've written a first impression about the Game in German here: ... g134541182

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Re: Maelstrom Gothic

Post by Jay_NOLA » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:49 pm

The 91-92 Physical Event it looks like ought to have been 91-93 given how the other even tables are set up.

For the Psychology Ranks:
I'd change the word "common" as follows:
II - common to unusual
IV - common to serious or severe
V - common to rare

This is after looking at other skills in the chapter.

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