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Old School Gaming

Post by Dupont » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:15 pm

I watched a really interesting live feed on facebook last night with Tim Kask, one of the leading lights in roleplaying and one of the key developers in D&D right from the start of it all, even before roleplaying had a name, let alone D&D. I can't recommend going to his facebook page and checking it out enough. Hearing him talk about how the rules developed from on the fly 'rulings' and how those rulings were more important than any rule alone was really worth it, and also has always lurked there at the core of gaming for me even if sometimes I have forgotten it now and then over the years. It made me think of AFF and how it approaches gameplay and how it resonates with that same vibrant approach in many ways. We have lots of cool games now, lots of clever rules but at the end of the day the gaming table flourishes I think when the group and the GM allow themselves to play in that way, following the rules in spirit not by the letter always. Its a nice trip through nostalgic territory but its also very useful to hear, I really enjoyed watching and like I say cant recommend it enough.

His facebook page is here and its the latest post for those that are interested:
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