using priests for other things

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using priests for other things

Post by Eddie » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:48 am

So i saw a thread the other day on here, but cannot find now to add comments :lol:

So decided to start a new thread.

I love priests and priestly magic in AFF2, i think it is handled very well, how the powers work and all that stuff.
the Templar Talent is also a great way to represent a knightly order (or orders) for each god depending on how you want to present them as working.

example: you could have a 4 person group (PC or NPC) who are all Templars and each dedicated to a different path of their god each with a different power (i include the gods specific power btw hence how i get to 4) possibly led by a priest as their overall guidance.

i have also used them to represent another way of doing things that are represented in fantasy fiction or games such as: Barbarian.
you can play a rugged out doors warrior wearing scraps of leather made into armour wielding a two handed sword and give them the Templar Talent for Telak (or anyone really) for the mechanics of a once a day combat boost!
no need for complicated mechanics, just add the mechanical elements and remove the roleplay of "being a follower"

there are likely other combinations that can work for this too, but i have found the Telak bonus to be the most adaptable in terms of some kind of "warrior focus" once a day.

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Re: using priests for other things

Post by SkinnyOrc » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:48 am

The way priests work in AFF2 probably hasn't been talked about as much as some other features of the game, but I agree it's another major plus point. There's not many RPGs that really do something different with priestly magic so they're not just a different type of spell caster. On top of that the powers are tightly tied into the god the priest follows instead of being the same for all. Depending who they follow they can be completely different, from the more standard warrior priest to pacifist healers and everything in between.

If they have a weakness it's players might think that because they start off with all their powers their development options are too limited. But as with a warrior, the flexible AFF2 character generation system means you can develop them in all sorts of directions. You can even make a scholar priest with lots of Lore special skills and that sort of thing.

That Templar Talent was a great addition and shows how much you can open up options just with a Talent. I'd never thought of using it to stand in for that sort of barbarian, interesting idea.

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