The Blessing of St Agnes - a system-free adventure

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The Blessing of St Agnes - a system-free adventure

Post by PaulB » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:40 pm

Martyred somewhere around the end of the 3rd century, St. Agnes of Rome was but a young girl - perhaps 12 or 13 years old - when she died in her belief that she her heart had only one suitor, and he was not a common mortal. Alas, Procop, the Governor's son, did not take kindly to her stance and the Governor attempted to coax, sully and torture her, before finally putting her to death.

Her story, in some measure, inspired the poet Keats to write The Eve of St. Agnes, a beautiful and romantic poem published in 1820; Keats has gone on to inspire me to write a short fantasy/historical role playing adventure, The Blessing of St. Agnes, available now on RPGNow.

An inspiring life inspires...

The young daughter of a wealthy merchant has vanished, leaving him distraught and pleading for assistance. In the depths of the dark woods, beyond the bounds of the town, the ruined remains of a chapel to St Agnes hide more than a few secrets of a forgotten sisterhood and hope for the helpless.

This 26-page adventure written with a fantasy or historical game (with a healthy dose of the supernatural) in mind, is aimed at characters of low to medium experience. However, as well as an adventure, you also get a fine appendix, including advice on customizing the game for different styles of play. The Blessing of St Agnes also includes two copies of a map of the chapel (with and without room titles).

The Blessing of St Agnes is system-free and you can easily adapt it to your favourite game system or campaign setting.

The Blessing of St. Agnes on RPGNow

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